$549 Press Release

~500 word announcement for your new business, collection, newsworthy event, etc. PLUS 30 minute Discovery Call. Don’t let your business go unnoticed. Shout from the rooftops with an expertly crafted announcement designed to get the media’s attention

$299 Video Ads

One Video Ad complete with on-screen text, and up to 300 words of Ad Copy + 1:1 Strategy Call. Video is a must for online businesses. Stand out in a saturated industry with affordable, click-worthy Video Ads today. Add additional video ads with copy for just $99 each.

$1049 Web Copy Package

Create clarity around your product and service offers. Lead customers through a buying journey. Craft professionalism with each word that converts again and again. Sell what you’ve created with each word on the page. Add additional Product Descriptions for just $49 each.

$499 Funnel Map

A visual template illustrating how your website funnel should flow from Ad to Purchase including where in the sequence your emails need to go (no copy included)

$1349 Complete Done-for-you Funnel

From Ad to Purchase and everything in between. Wait, do you know what goes in between? Most people don’t. There are Landing Pages to craft, Email Series’ to create, and Upsell Offers in implement. Creating and connecting these pieces into a seamless funnel that finds the right customers ready to buy right now.

1:1 Coaching                                        

2 Coaching Calls geared toward helping you solidify your brand story, generate traffic from the right audience, and create revenue strategies moving forward:

  • Correct your weak points
  •  Make progress with advancement strategies
  • Grow your business with repeatable processes

If you’re ready to take your business seriously and get affordable coaching designed to push you through your unique struggles and help you find success, it’s time to take the next step.

Marketing & Copy Course