$299 Press Release

~500 word announcement for your new business, collection, newsworthy event, etc.

*30 minute discovery call included in each service

$99 Video Ads

One Video Ad complete with on-screen text, and up to 300 words of Ad Copy + 1:1 Strategy Call. Video is a must for online businesses. Stand out in a saturated industry with affordable, click-worthy Video Ads today. Click the button below to get started.

$699 Web Copy Package

— 1 About page

— 1 Home page

— 1 Landing page

— 3 Product Descriptions or Service Description

— 1 Contact Us page

— 1 Privacy Policy (including GDPR compliance) page

— 1 Terms and Conditions page

    *30 minute discovery call included in each service

$399 Funnel Map Template

A visual template illustrating how your website funnel should flow from Ad to Purchase including where in the sequence your emails need to go (no copy included)

$899 Complete Done-for-you Funnel

Includes the above Funnel Map Template plus copy for the following:

— Up to 2 Ads

— 1 Landing Page

— Up to 6 Emails to include:

     1. Welcome email

                                                        2 & 3. Overcoming Objections emails (2 emails)

                        4. Final push customer email

                5. Abandoned cart email

                                                     6. Break up email (transition to Seinfeld series)

     *30 minute discovery call included in each service

Ala Carte

Pricing per project is based on your needs and includes a 30 minute discovery call

Marketing & Copy Course