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Title: About Page Writing
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Okay! Hi everybody! So, we’re talking about “About Pages” today. But I’m going to wait just a few minutes for everybody to show up. I’m expecting a few people from Handmade Titan University, and a few people from the Screw The Nine To Five Group for jumping in here. And as we’re gearing up and talking about “About Pages” I wanted to bring up a little quirk I have. A little thing that kind of came up this week. And it might be helpful for you. And it’s a common thing I ran into and it’s that whenever someone comes to a copywriter and they want something crafted for them, they want something written for their website, and whatever, for their business, they just want something written. What usually comes up is that, “I’m not sure if I want to invest in a strategy. I’m not sure if I want to hire a copywriter because I’m a pretty good writer myself. I can do writing pretty well if I set the time aside and I focus on it.” And I believe you. I really do. Because I know a ton of great writers. I’m a great writer. But I had to learn how to copywrite. I had to learn how to do it specifically for businesses. Because there are certain formulas you need to use. There are certain techniques that work really well that are different from just regular writing. You might have worked in the newspaper. You might have written a novel. But it’s not really the same thing as copywriting. And so, I kind of wanted to push that out there and just bring it to your attention because if you think that you’re a great writer, you’re probably right. You can put words on a page, you can craft them so that people can imagine these beautifully written scenes that you’re putting out. But if you put that technique on paper for your business, it’s not going to get the result you want. That’s not the kind of technique you want to use. And so I wanted to start this by kind of priming you and letting you know that even though you have an About Page and you’ve written for yourself for quite a long time, I understand, you have to start somewhere. But I’m putting these masterclasses on my page so that you’ll see the certain techniques you need in order to craft an About Page for your business. In order to write so that you can guide your customers on that buying journey, on that brand loyalty journey, and guide them toward where you want them to go. Guide them toward feeling like they identify themselves with your brand. That they want to come back whenever they need something, whenever they want to buy from you.

So I wanted to start off a little bit like that. It came up again this week and it does come up every once in a while. And it kind of makes me cringe and makes my heart a little sad because I don’t want you to walk away thinking like, “Oh, I just throw something up there. It’s just an About Page. I can write it anytime. I’m a pretty good writer, it’s fine.” When I look at a lot of the professional About Pages, and I look at a lot of professional brands that have been in the market a very really long time and they’re doing it wrong on their About Page, they’re not using it to its full potential. And that’s the point really. You can write what you want on your About Page. It’s your About Page. It’s your business. But if you want to do it the right way, if you want to guide people on the journey and use your About Page to its utmost potential, there are a few things that you want to know. And so I see a few people are starting to show up so I’ll go ahead and recap what we’ve gone over this week on the Facebook page. And then I’ve got some really great things for you planned.

We’re going to talk about an incredible question that I got in the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group this week about “About Pages.” And it’s “what is the difference between an About Page, your Brand Story, and a Bio?” So I’m going to get into that after the recap. And then I’m going to tell you about my personal brand story and it might shock you because we did something poorly wrong with our first business that costs us a lot of money. But it ended up really teaching us some incredible things and helping us build a second business here. And so I’ll tell you all about that and I’ll show you how you can write your own brand story and use those elements to guide your About Page, to guide your written marketing all through your website, for your social media, for your email funnels, everything that you can think of. Your brand story is going to be the basis of what makes you credible. What gives you the experience that you need in order to help other people with your own business. So after we go over that, then I’m going to reveal some really cool things that we’ve been doing.

There are 3 surprises that I wanted to show you. And if you’re willing, you could take them for a spin. But I’m going to wait ‘til the end so that you can get the full impact of this entire recording, this entire live. But I’m really looking forward to reading this to you because we’ve been working really, really hard and now they’re ready so we can show you what they are and we can let you know so that you can take a look. And then, we’re going to get on with the rest of the live and everything so it’s going to be a little longer than the other ones. And I’m really excited because I love talking about “About Pages.” I love talking about brand stories. After target market research, this is where you should be funneling all of your efforts when you first start up. You want to know your customer and then you want to know yourself. You want to know what drew you (I see some people laughing, I’m getting a little excited I know). You want to remember why you were so attracted to your niche in the first place. In order to better understand your target market, in order to craft an about page that really helps guide them on this journey you want to take them on.

And so the first thing we talked about when we started our About Page masterclass this week in the Facebook page was getting to know yourself. And so, on a piece of paper I asked you to write down everything you can remember about when you first started to become interested in your brand, in your niche, in your industry. And this would be way before you even started your business. Way before you even had the idea to start a business or anything like that. This would’ve been when you were interested as a customer yourself. And when you had a struggle or when you had a need that you wanted fulfilled. And so what you had to do is write down all those feelings that you had. All those emotions. Everything you were going through. Your life at that moment. What the struggle was specifically. What the people around you were doing and how they were feeling and how your emotions were affecting them. Everything you can think of. And then, after we did that, we want to pair that down and try to create something that would be relevant to your customers. And after that, what we wanted to do is insert all of the things that provided the experience, that provided the education, that provided the expertise, that enabled you to actually start the business and serve other people. And so now that we’ve got our story. Now that we’ve got the background. Now we’re inserting all of the qualifiers within our About Page that show our customers exactly why we’re qualified to help them. Exactly why they should trust us. And that’s the key there, is that no like and trust factor, with their services, with their money, with these products that we’re making for them. And then the last thing we wanted to do is tell them why they should choose us versus our competitor.

So we wanted to go through our brand stories. And we wanted to look at our About Pages and discover what the differentiator was that separated us from our competitors. And it can be as simple as your own personal experiences. You’re the one who’s doing the serving here, therefore, it’s going to automatically be different from your competitors. You’re the one who’s creating things you’re going to have and instinctual your own concept about whatever you’re creating: the offers, your services, your products. You’re going to have your own spin on it. But if you know clearly that there are distinct differences between you and your competitor, this is also where you want to include that. Do you have a different brand persona? Do you make a different variation of the product? Do you offer the new service in a different way? This is where you want to include that as well. And so your About Page is going to have all of these different things in there. And then you want to pair it down in such a way that guides your customer on the journey that shows them what they want to know about you and your brand and your background. And then leads them on with links and with calls-to-action to the next page, to the buying page or the services sales page, or however you have it set up. So that’s the basic recap of what we went over in the masterclass over this week in the Facebook page. So if you want to know more about that in-depth, go ahead and scroll down through the thread. Find the About Page part 1, part 2, and part 3, and go ahead and watch those. They’re pretty short. I think between 3 and 6 minutes for each video. But it really goes in-depth on all of the different elements that you need in order to write that About Page to the very best of your ability and optimize it so that you’re guiding your customers on that journey.

Now, the next thing I wanted to talk about was that incredible question. And it was asked in the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group. And it was, “What is the difference between a Story Brand, an About Page, and a Bio?” And the difference is, that for a story brand, what you can do behind the scenes that nobody knows is just vomit everything onto the page about your brand story. And that means everything we’ve talked about. Talk about your experiences, your background. All of the things that came about to provide the experience and educate you before you started your business. But, whenever you pair that down, whenever you start to use that brand story in your business and on your website, what you’re focusing on is which elements of the brand story help your customer. So, the difference between the brand story and the about page is that the about page is really just those essential elements, very short form for your website. You don’t want to include everything there. The brand story itself is what educates and what guides the flow of the about page. It also helps guide your brand message and the people that you serve and who you are as a brand persona. And then the bio is something that’s very short and it’s very dry. I include the bio on all of the about pages that I create because it goes right there at the bottom and it’s really for the media. If they want to grab something for a newspaper clip, or the magazine article, or to feature you somewhere, that’s the little snippet that they’re going to grab. And it just tells who you are, what you do, where you live, a little about your family, just some basic dry information. But the brand story is what advises the entire process of your entire business. And so to answer that question, I hope that was incredibly helpful. If it wasn’t, go ahead and jump in, and ask some more questions. Tell me where you’re listening from, if this is a convenient time for you. Right now, it’s 2PM in Hawaii but I know it’s a little bit later in Central and Eastern Time. And so let me how this works because we’re thinking about changing things up. Next week, it’s going to be a little different. And I’ll tell you about that when we get there. But let me know if that cleared up that question. Because that’s a big, big question. And I ran into that occasionally and it’s a really important instinctual thing to make. It’s a really important distinction to make, so that you understand where you should be using that brand story.

And then I wanted to tell you something a little personal. Because when the about page comes up, I really want to talk about my story. But I don’t want to monopolize the conversation. Whenever we do these lives, it feels like I talk at you a lot of a time instead of a two-way conversation. And I know you’re learning and you’re listening and you’re taking notes. I know, I understand that. But I don’t want to just tell you my end story and not providing you any value. For the about page, however, I know that there some great value in learning from other people’s experiences. So, I wanted to tell you a little about my brand story. And that brand story really started with our first business. And that was a soap business. I can’t say the name because someone owns it right now. But, what we have done was wake up one day and decide we want to be entrepreneurs. And we wanted to make soap and candles. And we had no idea how to make soap, and we had no idea how to make candles. But we figured it out, and we actually started to make sales. But we didn’t understand anything about business at that time. This was our first venture. This was our first journey into entrepreneurship and we didn’t know anything about marketing. Let alone how to spread out our brand and create our brand story and communicate effectively with our audience. And so we just jumped on at sea and started selling the soaps we made out of our kitchen. And we made some really key mistakes there.

First of all, we didn’t understand our target market at all. We also didn’t understand that the soap and the candle market needed a certain kind of backing in order make a dent. Because it’s so saturated and because it’s a commodity. I think our soap and candle smell beautiful. They were incredible. And every single craft fair we were at, we were able to sell in person, we were selling out like crazy. We were making tons of money. Unfortunately, we still worked day jobs and so we couldn’t go to craft shows all the time. We also lived in Central Texas and so all of the craft shows were hours and hours away. And it was not feasible for us to pile everything in the car and drive across the country to make it to those craft fairs. So what happened, of course, the sales slowed down and stalled. And we had tons of money put into inventory that was in our house. The house smelled beautiful. Like soap and candles all the time. But it started to become a burden. And after investing $15,000 into this business, we finally had to bite the bullet and sell it because we were putting more money than we were making. And we had made such a key mistake that it was just crumbling around us. And so that was the foundation of my brand story. Because what we learned from that was the importance of marketing. And the importance of communicating our message to our audience. And actually understanding who our target market was and how to reach them. What came out of it was actually much better of a story than how it started. That’s because I had joined this incredible group of hand makers who are supporting one another all the time. And so I had jumped in there offering to help other people write about their businesses because I loved writing. But I never thought it could be a business.

And so I was writing people’s about pages for free. I was writing product descriptions for super cheap, and press releases, and we were just helping each other out. And soon I was getting more requests to write for people than I was getting requests for soap and candles. And the light bulb eventually, very eventually, went off. It took quite a long time. And we decided to shift our business and create something new. So we sold the soap business for pennies. And then we started to write for people. And we started to create this copywriting business and gain our skills (hiding it). And we eventually gained a following and we’re able to start helping people on a larger scale. And now not only do we still help in that group, we also help other people in tons of other Facebook groups. We gave requests to our website daily. And we’re helping people on a larger scale by communicating with their target audience. By helping them do the research to understand who their target market is and by crafting a message on their about page, on their home page, in their emails and social media, with product descriptions that their ideal customer will understand and will feel aligned with. And so that they can continue on that buying journey. And what I mean by the buying journey is that when your customer reads your product description, they’re looking for a certain thing. After they’ve searched with the keyword research and the target market research, and all of that, we’ve already gone over all of that with other lives, after they have come to the point where they like your product or your service and they’re reading the description, you have to communicate clearly to them that this solves their struggle. That this resolves their need. That this is what they’re looking for. And you have to do that in very specific ways. You have to use their words. You have to craft it in a linear fashion that tells a story that they identify with.

And so when we talked about an about page in that context, what we’re telling them is that we have been through a similar experience. We have struggled just like they have struggled. And we have come out on the other side because of this experience, because of this solution. And we want to share the solution with them. You always want to from a place of serving others. You always want to come from a place of helping to resolve a struggle and fulfill a need. And so that is our goal when we’re writing about page. And that is why I brought up in the very beginning that it is really important to understand that you might not know the key elements of copywriting for an about page. You might be a great writer because there are tons of great writers and I have seen some amazing writers put these beautiful about pages together. Unfortunately, there are a few key things that are missing from those about pages that could optimize them. That could guide people on that buying journey. That could guide people on to become loyal brand followers and customers. And so they’re not using it to the full potential that it is.

So, by sharing my story, I just wanted to hit home the importance of understanding these elements. And I wanted to tell you that I also have a little bit of experience with this and I’ve also been through a similar struggle where I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Until we learned it the hard way. And so that’s what this live is all about. It’s telling you how you can write that about page and recapping all of the masterclass lessons we went over on the Facebook page this week. And so, answering that question for the individual in the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group, I was really excited to get it because it was a question that tells me that she understood what she needed to know. And that is a hard thing to describe. Because you want people to know that there is a solution out there for their problem. You want them to understand that you have the solution and you want to present it clearly enough that they understand that. But until the customer understands that they don’t know the answer, until the customer understands that there is more to learn or there is the solution out there, you can present it to them in a way that they understand. And so I want to present this to you in the same way. And that there is a certain formula to an about page. There is a certain way to write it that can help you and can help optimize and get those customers coming in and staying with you in that way. And so I hope that story was helpful. If you have any questions, if you’d like to know more about it, I’d like telling people. But I also want to make sure that it is valuable when I tell it. So I save that for the about page usually.

Then the next thing I wanted to talk about is something we’re really excited to reveal. And it’s that we created a few mini courses. And they’re short. They’re about an hour long each. And the first one is a product description mini course. The second one is a Facebook group mini course teaching you how to build one. And then also what you’re supposed to do in it once you’ve created that Facebook group. And then the third one is the six-email series brand loyalty conversion strategy that we used with emails. And in a few weeks, we’re going to go over an entire email masterclass in the Facebook group but I wanted to bring up these courses because we’re incredibly excited to reveal them. And they’re available right now. We have just finished them and they’re up on the website. And I’m going to go ahead and type in that link right now. And I want you to go and then to take a look because we put a lot of effort into this. It has taken us a lot of time and experience to create these for you. And they’re available for you to check out. Go ahead and read the sales pages for them and see how that’s crafted because that’s just another way that you can see how the copywriting really works for you in a marketing standpoint and see if these courses are something you’re looking for.

We were really excited to reveal those so I hope you go check them out. I really want to know your feedback because these are three things that we get asked for a lot. Three questions that we get asked about all the time is: how do we create this in the best way, how do we optimize this, how do we use those to our advantage so that we can actually build our following and we can guide these people on the journey we want them to take. We can show people that we’re here to help and that we can serve them in a way that we need us to. And these three courses help you do that. The product description course shows you the product description formula that we have created on tons and tons and tons of clients over the years using them as our guinea pigs, willing guinea pigs of course. And seeing the massive results that they’ve gotten with these formulas. Now the Facebook group course shows you all the strategies that you can use within your own Facebook group. We even take you through the creation of it if you don’t have a Facebook group yet. But if you do, we’d show you all the strategies that we have tested in our own group. That we’ve taught to other major brands and other Facebook group leaders who have massive followings and we’ve gotten strategies from them. And with this six-email brand loyalty conversion strategy, this is something we tests on our own email list. And this is something we’ve done on other customers to help them build their email brand loyalty so that you can start upselling those customers. And you can start presenting things to them without feeling salesy, without feeling like you’re pushing for the buck, without feeling like you’re taking advantage of anyone because this is how you pull in your customers and help them feel align to you. Help them feel loyal and help them make the decision whether they want to be included in your group or not because ultimately it’s their decision. And once you’re able to help them make that decision, then they’re loyal for life. And they’re going to be yours and it’s going to be much easier to offer them something and for them to decide if they want to buy or not. And so I hope you check out those courses. We’re really excited to reveal them to you and I really want to hear some feedback to make sure we have included everything that you could possibly need within them.

And then also I wanted to plug the DNC Written Marketing Course that will be debuting in January. We have those three courses included in the membership program as well as everything from blog posting and converting your content into viral content, repurposing it on social media, and on podcast and video, and everything like that. We take you through target market research on an incredibly in-depth level and show you where you can find some incredible customers that are aligned completely with your brand. We take you through social media. I’m particularly proud of this one. We call it the Serendipity Social Media Module because we show you what you can do on this big six social media platforms. What you should be using them for and if they’re even right for your business. We also take you through of course the meat and potatoes of the DNC Written Marketing Course which is the copy part. And we take you through your entire website from the About Page to the Product Descriptions, your Home Page, Landing Pages. We even give you some bonus free pages that you should not be putting any time into. That you should be the same no matter what so you can just copy and paste them directly into your website and not have to worry about them anymore. We teach you that and so much more. And so if you’re really interested in that, go ahead and click on the link. Sign up for any of the email list on our website. I’ll just leave it at the course link so that I don’t clog up the entire thread with links. But sign up to our email list and I will let you know when that is ready for you to sign up. It’s debuting in January. And we’re going to have this incredible challenge. And we’re going to give away some really cool freebies in the challenge launch. And so I hope you sign up so you can hear more about that.

And then I hope that you’re going to like this page so that you can come back for any of our lives. And then visit us on Instagram. We’re going to start a new thing on Instagram. It’s @dnccopywriting where we actually film our daily life as we’re working on the business. As we’re doing things for the launch. As we’re going through our lives. So we can show you exactly what it’s like and provide some motivation as you’re moving forward with your own business. We discovered that motivation is one of the key things when building your business and it comes from the experiences of others. And so if you’re excited to know more about that, if you want to take part in that, if you want to engage and help us build this up, then I really encourage you to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Join the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group because they get first served on everything we offer. They get to trial testings and they get to beta testings and they get first picked when we have limited availability. So if you’re interested in that, go ahead and join. I’ll drop the link after we finish this video. The Creative Business Initiative Facebook group, we also have experts on everything you can imagine. Jump in there from business strategy to Facebook ads, Photoshop, social media strategy. Anything you can think of. We invite guest experts in there. And we’ve already had so many. So you can go through those threads and see how long it takes you to get all of that content in because I guarantee it’s going to be so chockfull. You’re going to be so excited to start working on your website, on your copy, on your business strategies. And really, that’s all I had for this one. I know this has actually been a bit of a longer one. But I was especially excited to talk about About Pages with you because they are so important.

And I also wanted to let you know there is a link in the paragraph underneath the video here for a quiz. If you’re not sure if this written marketing thing is for you. If you’re not sure if you even need written marketing. Or if you need a little bit more written marketing experience. If you think you’ve got it, I encourage you to take this quiz so that you can see. We have three levels of success within the quiz outcomes. And it will tell you which level you’ve come out to. And I guarantee you’re going to love where it ends up. Because after you finish that quiz, we send out free resources in the email that comes from the results and it helps you along on your journey for written marketing. It tells you a little bit about what you don’t know, what you should be working on your current level. It helps you achieve the things you want with your written marketing without having to spend your money at all. And so I encourage you to take that quiz in the paragraph below the video. And I want to thank you for showing up for this live.

Again, if you have any questions at all, go ahead and drop them even after we finish the live. Can’t wait to go back and watch the first two videos, Jenna? I’m very excited that you said that because I really want you to. I really want everyone to go back and visit the masterclass About Page videos on the Facebook page. All you have to do is scroll down the thread. You’ll find them very easily. And we put a lot of time and effort into creating the masterclass. It is our pre-launch phase. It is warming everybody up so that you can see exactly what we’re all about, exactly what we offer. And so you can get some real value out of everything that we’re offering to you. And I also encourage you to comment on everything because a big part of building your business is accepting feedback and asking for feedback. And so I want your feedback as you go through these videos. I want your feedback as you go through the quiz, as you see our emails. Anything you can think of. If you can take the time to tell us what we’re doing wrong, or what we’re right, what you love, what you hate, we would so appreciate that because we want to build our business and we want to help you better. We want to know what you need from us so that we can better serve you. So that we can provide all of the things that you need.

So that’s all I have for this live. We’re going to start doing things a little bit differently with the next live. From now on, it’s going to be on Saturdays at 8AM Hawaii time which is 1PM Central time and 2PM Eastern time. And so I hope that’s a better time for a lot of people. We’ve been getting a little feedback on when we do these lives. And Saturday seems like the best option for most people and a little bit after lunch time so maybe the kiddos will be down for a nap or you can take a quick break from your Saturday activities and jump in on this live. See the recap for the masterclass for the week. See the new offerings that we have and see an update underneath the courses that we’re releasing. And also again if you have any questions at all, even if it’s about something we’re not addressing on that current live, I encourage you to go ahead and bring them up because I don’t mind taking a tangent for any kind of questions because I really want to help you with your written marketing. I really want to make it clear all of the strategies that are available to you. Everything you can do to optimize your written marketing to communicate better with your ideal customers.

So if nobody has any questions, I’ll just go ahead and wrap it up here. I’m really excited to see you next week. We have something really special coming next week. Something that people have been asking for. But I’m not going to reveal it until the first video drops on Tuesday. And it’ll drop Tuesday morning, I believe at 8AM Central, 9AM Eastern time on this Facebook page. So come back then and see what the next masterclass segment is going to be about. And then show up for the live next Saturday at 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern. And I will see you there!

And again, thank you so much. I really, really appreciate it.

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