It doesn’t matter what you sell. You have to communicate why people should want it. You have to define
a pain point and a desire, and provide  a solution. If you don’t understand how to sell, you’re just a fancy hoarder.



Team Member: Darian

I’ve been featured in the Wall Street Business Network, CBS, NBC, ABC, and more…

I’m a Business Owner, Copywriter, and Coach helping more than 500 businesses create content, write winning copy, and build a brand their customers adore

I’m a Mom, Wife, and Active Duty Military Member which paved the way for my organization, precision, and planning obsession and allowed me to flex my technical writing and coaching muscles early on



Team Member: Julio

Strategic Executive at DNC and nationally ranked in Corporate sales working side-by-side entrepreneurs

Julio has personally sold $1,000,000’s in products, managed millions more in inventory, and 10X more through teams he’s trained

Go-to Sales Strategist putting DNC on the map with his vision and the brains behind business strategy, sales, and sales funnel training at DNC





Doing what we love breathes new life into us. It’s why we wake up in the morning. It’s what fuels our passion. It makes us happy which makes our family happy. Why do anything at all if it doesn’t enrich your life.





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