How to Build Your Email List (Facebook Live Transcript)

Title: How to Build Your Email List — FINALLY + Quiz Builder Tips
Time duration: 35 mins 33 seconds

It’s still loading. You’re probably watching the replay, but I’m not live yet.

Okay, everyone. I just want to say I’m so grateful for everyone who always jumps in and join for live show. It is so much fun for me even though I have to get up early on this Saturday but that’s okay. It’s one of my favorite things to do is to come out here and to talk to you and to answer all of your questions and really give you some great value and I know there’s been a lot of excitement over this week which we’re talking about list building. Now, last week we talked all about creating a community and as you’re joining go ahead and let if you can hear me. Last week we had some technical difficulties so let me know if you can me hear as we go through or if we need to reconnect again and try something else out. But, last week we talked all about building our community and when we build our community, we got to make sure to treat our community like gold, to treat them amazing and give them all the value that we have, give them everything that they need. So, what we did as we walked through creation of a Facebook group or the principles of it. It’s pretty easy to find directions for that online. And so, what we did was we watched through post-creation and the schedule for how you’re going to engage with them and trying to do it consistently and trying to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it, make it community and make it fun for everyone involved because that’s how you start to build that community and build that brand.

Now, lot of the same principles can be used with your list building. What you want to do is make sure to treat your list like gold as well. Make sure to give them all the information that they need. Make sure that they are happy with their being on your list and the way you can do that is by creating content for them to enjoy. So, it looks like there is a bit of a freeze, I’m just going to popped over here to my phone and pull it up and make sure everybody has connected. It might just be my internet but that’s okay.

And so, as we talk about building a list, I’m going to walk you through some really exciting things. The first part of, the four steps that I used to build my list every single day and the key is remaining consistent and making sure that you’re delivering what you promise on. And that’s a big one because a lot of people have trouble sticking with something especially when you have to get up and be live in front of people and talk to them in a consistent basis. Okay. So, I’m not sure if it’s coming through, I see one person up right there. Can you see me? Let me know if you can see me, let me know if you can hear me. Oops! Let’s turn that down. Okay, let me know where you’re coming in from as well. I want to know what’s going on with you. Okay, it looks like I’m live. So, we’re going to continue.

Whenever you’re building your list, you got to go through these four steps. And so, as I go through them with you, make sure you’re dropping any questions or comments that you have. I’ll be checking my phone, as my computer seems to be acting a little funny, to make sure I’m answering all of your questions as well.

First, we’re going to cover the why it’s important to build your list because a lot of people feel like they can just skip this step and I promise you, you do not want to skip this step. Because building your list is like creating a warm place where you can go and pitch what you’ve created to a warm audience who actually wants what you’ve created, who actually wants to buy from you. And that’s what makes it really important, it’s because you’re developing this relationship with people. You’re making them familiar with you and familiar with your brand. And, if you don’t have an email list, you need to start one as soon as possible because these are the people who are going to be the most interested in what you’ve create. These are going to be the people you can rely on to at least give you a certain percentage of your revenue on your business consistently as long as you are treating them consistently and giving them the things that they need on a consistent basis. Now, let’s type right into the points and we’ll develop this why question as we go through the master class today.

And the first one is exposure. Now, you’re not going to be able to build your email list unless you have that exposure, unless you are consistent in developing everything, unless you have a content plan. And we went our content plan a couple of a master classes ago and how you can develop an entire year of content without putting too much effort into it and then repurposing that content as you go through your year, as you go through several years and making sure that you’re not having to overwork, making sure you’re not spending every single day writing blog post or shooting podcast or videos. Making sure you can use this one piece of content across multiple platforms, across multiple social media places and being seen by more people and letting your entire audience see what you create. A couple ways you can gain this exposure is to write blog posts. It’s one of those old school methods but it still really works, people still like to read.

So, it looks like we’re having some more freeze issues. Okay, just jump in as you can and let me know how it’s going and let me know if you can still hear me. I want to make sure that I’m getting this across well for you all. So, write blog posts and there’s a couple of benefits to this because people still like to read. They still want to know what you’re all about without having to set a time and show up live or set to your entire video. They want to be able to multi-task. So, a great way for you to enable this is to write your blog post. This also helps your website because SEO relies almost entirely on the words that you put on your website. The Google spiders, the search engine spiders, they can’t categorize your website unless they know what it’s about and the best way to teach them what your website is about is to use blog post and the words, keywords, on your website. Now, another benefit of a blog post is because you can insert freebies and discount codes and that people can easily click through and join your email list on. That’s how you incentivize that one and we’ll get to the incentives in just a minute. But with the blog post it makes very easy, there’s no pressure, they can click on the link and check it out, decide if they want to join your list or not. And so blog posts are still a great option.

Another great option is to go live and this is the option that I have chosen to use because (hi Ellen!) going live is also a really great way to engage with your community and it’s one of those new things (hi!), it’s one of those new things that is really exciting for people right now. So, Ellen, we’re talking all about the different types of exposure. It’s the first step in getting people on to your list and we’re going over all four you. And we’re developing our lives so make sure you drop any questions as you have them and I’ll pause and answer them as we go. But exposure is really huge because you’re not going to be able to teach people about your brand, you’re not going to be able to showcase what you’ve created unless you have that exposure. And so, we went over blog post and their importance in our lives which is really new. And you want to make sure to keep a pulse on everything new that comes up with social media and just give it a try. Now, definitely do this and measure and focus on the important parts of your business but, it’s really great, it’s a really easy way to start building your list whenever you try out the new cool thing that everyone is looking at. And lives definitely right now are the new cool thing and not only that they have shown that you’re going to have some longevity and that people prefer to watch you live so they can interact with you, so that it’s not edited, it’s not polished, it’s very on the fly of the cough. And so, lives are a great way to start building your list and to get that exposure.

Another one, our webinars. This is also another old school one but it has the same principles as lives because they’re, they’re with you live and they can ask you questions. And a benefit of a webinar is that people know that they’re going to get pitched at the end or at least they expect to get pitched at the end. So, especially if you have a launch or something going on, a webinar is a great way to build your list and to let people know exactly what’s coming that’s new.

And then of course, public appearances. Probably the oldest school of all the exposure tactics but again, it still works. If you go public, you can film it, you can repurpose it and you can get people on your list when they’re meeting you face to face which is the most important part of that is because they will trust you more. If they meet you face to face, if they decide that they like you, you can go ahead and get them to jot down that email address and put it up there. That one’s going to be slower going than the rest. I definitely recommend going live for the exposure part of this four-step process just because it’s going to be easier in terms that you don’t need to sit down and write a thousand-word blog posts which might take you an hour, 2 hours, 4 hours with images and links and everything. You can just go live and then have the live transcribed into a blog post and put it on your website or take the audio from it and use it for your podcast. There are multiple repurposing options that you have and going live is by far, in my opinion the easiest thing to do. And actually, we’re going to have a whole session on the best practices for that and trying to get over those nerves because I know it is hard to go live when you’re just starting out with that.

Now, number two is incentive and we touched on this with blog post talking about inserting those freebies and those discount codes into your blog post and getting on your list with very low pressure. But, there are lots of different options to incentivize people to get on your list and that’s the most important part of that is you need to incentivize. Gone are the days where you can just say sign up to get updates. Nobody is going to sign up to get updates when they can just visit your site whenever they feel like it or they’re going to just move on and not – going live, Birgit said she’s shuddering going live. That’s okay. I, I do want to do an entire life about going live because I, and I think I mentioned this in the last live that I did, is I was so nervous and I swear I retook fifty different times just the short 1-minute video for my home page which I’ve replaced, I don’t know a dozen times by now and it took so much courage. It’s probably been a year since I first decided I wanted to start going live until October. It was probably a year, October, when I started to go live with this master class and it was a year of just baby steps and progress and so we’re going to have a whole lesson on that pretty soon I think because it seems like something everyone’s interested in knowing more about.

But, a great way to incentivize people to get on your email list is just to provide a link to something of free value for them or something to entertain them. And I have a couple of options here for you. I use freebies all the time. Discounts don’t really work well for my business. Now, discounts do tend to work well for most product-based businesses, I’ve seen with my client based, not all product-based businesses, there are a few who were, your target market just devalues your product if you discount it. And so, that’s what you do, that’s how you do figure that out as you talk to your target market, you talk to your customers and you get that feedback. And so, if that’s the case then discounts might not work well for you either. What works well for me are freebies and guides and blueprints and so I tend to create a lot of checklists and I will pair them with a live or blog post that’s relevant and so I’ll, I’ll put it through a whole lesson. Maybe it’s on a live or maybe it’s on a blog post. But a whole blog post, but maybe it’s a whole lesson teaching someone how to write a certain thing or how to put together a sales funnel and then I’ll give them that checklist so that it’s very easy to follow.

Now, the point of a freebie is for it to be very easy and digestible. Discounts work really well because people know exactly what to do with it. They just plug it in when they want something and then check out and go. It doesn’t need extra thought. Your freebie needs to be just ads-easy. it needs to be in a quick checklist that gets the point across and gives your customers a quick win. Now, if you’re going to create a guide or a blue print that’s a little bit longer, you still need to focus on making sure that freebie is simple. You still need to focus on making sure it’s all easily digestible and they can take action on it very quickly and get a quick win from it, meaning they can get a result from it and that result might simply be the completion of something they’ve been meaning to do.

So, product descriptions for example are very popular, is a very popular with checklist on my website. It gives a basic checklist of everything you need to include within your product description so that you can just knock it out and get it done because I found a lot of people just didn’t know what to write at all, and so it’s just wasn’t getting done. The very quick win there is for them to follow the checklist, input some of that information and get the job done. And it makes it a lot easier and it’s a quick win. Now, the guide can be a little bit longer like I said, if you’re walking them through something a little bit more complicated, a guide for say a jewelry business might be how to take care of your jewelry or a style guide, how to pair it with different clothes or a seasonal kind of guide, what to do in your wedding that pairs well with your product brand. So, if your selling engagement rings, you might sell a, you know, simple wedding steps 101 or get started planning your wedding to accompany it because it kind of goes with your brand. It mirrors your brand and it compliments it well. Things like that. So, if you have any questions on incentives thing and things like that, go ahead and ask. I actually have a very cool, a very cool thing I’m going to show you here at end that goes with incentives and it’s one of the best ways to get people on your list but I’m going to wait until I get through everything before I tell you about it because I actually want to walk you through the whole process.

Now, the last incentive I have is consultations. This is going to work for services and for product-based businesses, mostly for services because you’re providing a service. And so, what you can do to get people into your list is to have them, oops! Is to have them sign up to get a 15-minute free consultation on whatever it is that you’re offering. 15-minute free pick your brand session or a free site audit that includes, you know, whatever’s in there. Anything like that. I’m trying to close that window, okay.

A consultation for a product-based business might be something to do with a personalization or customization option. So, especially if you sell jewelry or if you sell some other kind of product and you want to customize part of it, you might do a free 15-minute consultation over what you want the piece of jewelry to look like or what you want the monogram to look like on the piece of clothing or anything like that. And that gets people in the door, it gets people talking to you which makes it really easy for you to then upsell your services, upsell your products and packages, things like that.

So, that’s no. 2, the 1st one was exposure and we went over lives and blog post and repurposing and everything and the 2nd one was incentivizing. So, discounts and freebie’s guides and checklist, everything like that. The 3rd option is development, sorry the 3rd step is development. Now, development takes time. You’re not going to find a quick win for list building. So, what you need to focus on is just developing your technique on building your list focusing on getting that feedback from your list, from your subscribers and trying to create the things that they want so that you can go out and find more of the same type of customer to join your list because you’ve created something that resonates for the whole group. Then, you can learn from those customers so that’s how you get feedback. Create what they want and then think outside the box.

So, development is going to take time. You want to make sure it does take time because you are, you’re learning how to best serve your customer base and everyone’s customer base is a little bit different and that’s, that’s just the cross the board even when we do our competitor research that we’ve gone over in several master classes. You’re mirroring a competitor who want, who you want to emulate, right? So, who’s in your same industry, who’s in your same space and you have similar customers. That’s one of the best places to start because it gives you a, it gives you a foot in the door with those customers. But, as you start developing your list, you’re going to discover that you’ll get some people who unsubscribed even though they were the same customers that your competitors seek out, they might not be your customers. However, you’re going to keep the majority of them because you have that similar space. It’s okay when you do get those unsubscribes because all that means is that you’re refining your message and so your customers are better understanding what you have to offer which means the people who stay on your list are truly your warmest audience, they are truly your best customers, your best prospects and followers.

And so, as you continue to refine your message, you’re going to find the right kind of customer for you and that’s all within the development process. It gets really hard and even now when there are unsubscribes, it’s kind of, it’s difficult because it’s rejection, right? It’s someone who has decided they no longer want to hear your message and that’s not easy for anyone. But as entrepreneurs, we have taken the not easy path so, we need to understand that sometimes these things are going to happen and that’s okay and it just means that your message is refining and it just means that your message is becoming clearer which is a good thing. So, if you have any questions about that, about development, anything particular to your brand, I can walk you through. I would be happy to do that. Development is an individual process. It is something you need to work on and talk to your customers and your followers about to make sure that whatever you’re creating is actually helping them and how can it help them more and what else can you create for them.

Now, the 4th point, the 4th step is consistency. And if you followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that consistency is something I talked about all the time. I harped on it consistently. So, what you need to do with this is just stay at it and whenever we are creating that content that goes with our exposure, you need to make a schedule and then you need to stick with that schedule. What else do I have here? Make the schedule, create a monthly or quarterly, weekly themed content schedule. So, what you can do with that is we went over an entire content creation master class a few weeks ago. And so, we talked all about theming the different months and how you can use this to kind of also theme your promotions and make sure everything is cohesive within your content plan. Now, it’s really important that you stick with this and I know it’s really difficult because we are in full on pre-launch mode and that’s why we are hosting this master class so that everyone can see what we have to offer. But it means that consistently every single Saturday, I’m going live talking about something important to our business, talking about something that’s helpful and a value to you, our followers. And so, we have had to remain consistent and make sure we’re providing value every single week at the same time in order to let people know that we’re going to be here, in order to show people that we’re going to be on our Facebook page at this exact time every single Saturday because that’s the only way your customers are to know that they need to show up for it. And that’s really the most important part of the 4th step is teaching your customers when and where to be and what to expect so that they know every single Saturday, at 9AM Hawaii time which is 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern, I’m going to be on the DNC Copywriting Facebook page giving a master class on something to do with writing content, on something to do with copy writing for your business. And that is one of the most important parts of that step.

So, it also helps you create a habit around content creation and especially when you’re starting out and even people who have been in this game for a very long time, they find it difficult to stay consistent because they haven’t had the time to create that habit or they haven’t had the chance yet to create that habit of creation. That’s a mouthful right there. So, you need to give yourself sometime and you need to give yourself some, you know, give, let yourself off the hook every once in a while. Don’t put too much pressure on it but definitely do create that schedule and try your best to stick with it because the more you’re able to, the more you develop that habit and the easier it becomes. And then, check out that content creation master class we did, what we created the entire year of content and promotion which you can then create throughout the year which makes that habit then you can repurpose it the next year or you can even repurpose it every quarter if it’s relevant for your market every single quarter. Not only you’re creating that habit but now you’re making it easier for yourself so you can reuse that time in a different way after you have finished creating the content and then now repurposing which takes your time. So, consistency there.

The first one was exposure. You have to create the content in order for your customers to actually see what you have to offer.

Two, incentive. You have to incentivize them to get them on your email list because they’re not just going to join because you ask them nicely, you have to give them something of value so that they can trust you more. Helps build your brand.

The third thing is development. You need to stick with it and get feedback from that list. Now, the easiest way to actually get feedback is to just send them an email. I do this every once in a while, just along with my weekly broadcast emails. I’ll send a 2nd or a 3rd one depending on how active I am and I’ll just say, Hey, how was this content working for you? Is there anything I haven’t covered in a master class, in the blog posts, in anything that you would like to help with? Do you need anything on an individual basis?

Now, this performs multiple functions and that you’re getting feedback from your list telling you 1, if you’re doing a good job 2, if they would like you to do something different and 3, you’re asking them what they need individually as well so that they feel that you care because you want them to know how much you care. That’s part of being on your list is to feel close to you, is to feel like you’re doing something of value to help them. And, maybe they’re going to contact you and say, actually I’ve been meaning to call you, I need this service performed or I’ve been meaning to get in touch because I’d like you to create this piece of jewelry or this customized product for me. Or even just general questions. This can really open your eyes on the things that are not working on your website as well just by asking for their feedback on how everything is going, how they’re enjoying your brand, what you can do for them. They can let you know. Actually, I wanted to use this discount code but the link was broken. Or, I went to visit your website and I thought it was on sale but I don’t see the sale banner anywhere and so it might give you some insight into how you can make your website more navigable, how you can make your sales clearer, how you can make your message in general in your branding clearer to help your customers along that buying journey. So, it’s not just with content creation that you need feedback. It’s all aspects of your business and so you can use this as your development process to get feedback in general for your brand.

And then the 4th point is consistency. And, yeah, it’s not the sexiest point and I know I talked about it all the time but I can’t tell you the difference that it has made. Just remaining consistent. And I know every master class is imperfect. We had technical issues in the last one. A few of them I’ve stumbled over my words but that’s okay because I’m here every single Saturday and that has made the difference. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t polished, it didn’t matter that my make up or my hair wasn’t perfect, it didn’t matter that my point maybe was unclear sometimes because you asked questions and we were able to clarify that. None of that mattered. None of that, that was holding me back last year when I was afraid to go live, mattered at all because now I’m remaining consistent. That is the key. Your customers want consistency.

I heard, I think it was a joke, someone told me once. Or maybe my husband was just messing around but they said, this certain restaurant chain just doesn’t sell good food and someone else piped up said, well, that’s okay because I know I’ll get the same kind of food every time I go. Well, you know you’re consistently going to get bad food but it was comforting to that person because they knew what they were in for every time they went to get food at that chain restaurant and I just thought that was really funny because it’s exactly the same way. Now, we want to deliver content that is, you know, that has quality, that has value but just remaining consistent is what makes the difference for your customers. Just being live every single week. Just delivering that blog post every single week whether it’s perfect or not, that’s what your customer’s want. And so, remaining consistent has by far made the biggest difference in our business and I just want to encourage you and help you along to remain consistent in your business and that’s why we do this master class. It’s because I want to give you these tools. I want to give you all the tools that you need in order to create content for your business, in order to write better for your business so that you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to worry about is trying to remain consistent. And that’s what’s going to grow your business. That’s what’s going to grow your email list.

So, that, those are the 4 steps but I wanted to walk you through something really cool before we sign off and this has been too long anyway so if you have questions, definitely jump in and ask any of those questions. But right now, I want to walk you through one of the best ways to build your list. And, we have seen the difference in this in our Facebook ads. Now, we’ve been running ads to our course guide and we’ve been pretty good, we’ve been running ads to these and we’ve been pretty good, you know, our master classes. But by far, it has, this last week where we have run an ad to a quiz that we created and I’m going to walk you through the platform that we use which I believe has a free option. It has like doubled and tripled the response that we’ve gotten just by running the ad to a quiz.

So, people love quizzes especially on Facebook. Facebook is like the quiz platform. If you’re going to do something on Facebook through a quiz in there or through a poll or something where people can answer, write 1, 2, 3 or 4 choice option because it’s a quick win for them. They could participate without putting in too much effort and you get to see all that engagement start to ramp up around your brand and around your product and you’re creating that conversation.

So, I’m going to share my screen really quick here and walk you through this and what it is, is and I actually have a links in the text either above or below this video, I never remember which one it is, to my quiz that I used, that I created using try interact and what I found was we did tons of research because our Facebook ads manager recommended we have a quiz because they have such a high response rate to get people on your list. So, we went searching and scouring the internet looking the best platform that didn’t cost too much and that was pretty and everything and we couldn’t find anything until we ran into

Now, their quizzes are absolutely gorgeous. I just want to, let’s go to the home page really quick and I’ll show you what this quiz is look like, oh it’s my homepage. So, I’ll just open one of them and we’ll actually look at it live really quick but this is what your dashboard will look like when you’re creating your quiz and I’m almost positive they have a free option so try it check it out. And we’re going to look at just exactly how you can do this. And it took me all of 10 minutes, once I came up with the questions, it took me all of 10 minutes to put everything together and it was super-duper easy.

Now, this is what it looks like and if you want to preview it, I can see a preview right here. This is what it looks like and it’s so pretty and you can just click it and click right through, scroll down and get your result, share them. You can even ask people to sign up to your list before they receive the results which is how we have done it. But, you can go over here and change it to your brand colors, any font that you want, change the button color options then you can scroll down or click over here the content and start changing out the questions. Let’s see. Here’s the 1st question, you can change it out, change out the picture, change out their answers, add and answer. It’s incredibly easy to use. And then you get to your results right here. And once they have put through all of their answers, there are couple of different ways that you can give them these results. The most straightforward way is to just assign a result and tally up the numbers and then you can give it to them just like this right here. Or, you can also turn on this branching logic right here especially if you have a more, you want to deliver a more complicated quiz and you want to assign people different results based on the answers that they give to different things. Let me show you what I mean right here.

So, this is one I’ve created and basically you just drag and drop one of your questions or drag and drop the responses or the answers right here, the results and then you can connect them. And so, if they answered one of these two, they’re now an educator. If they answer one of these two, then it drops off to a different question or a branch continues. They can answer two more and get a result right here or they answered two more and it delivers them another question. So, you can really customize it and learn about your customers and I’ll show you the analytics because it comes with analytics which are really cool. You can really get to know your customers and you can really deliver an entertaining experience for them which gets them on your list. These kinds the branch logic, these kinds of quiz really get people to hang on through the entire quiz and finish it out to get onto your list. A lot of people will talk about having difficulty getting their customers through an entire quiz, excuse me, in order to get to the results because the questions are just too boring or the questions, the way the quiz is formatted just doesn’t work for them and so they get bored and may click out and may don’t ever finish it which they don’t get into your list. But, especially if you’re using this branch logic and they have little tryinteract task free lessons on here to show you the best way to do this and walk you through it, I think they’re like between 2 and 5-minute lessons and they’re very, very cool. And they walk you through this very easily and show you the best way to do it.

You also have the option, let’s see, let’s go back to have them, let’s go back to my board here. You also have the option to have them create a quiz for you and let me wait for the pop up right here. If you have, if you want a custom quiz written for you, click here if it does apply for that. But, they have proven and tested formulas, they have templates and things that they can then work with you to create a quiz, it’s going to get the best engagement for your brand. And so, that is how, let me move that all the way, that is how this quiz worked and then you can, after you’ve finish editing it, branding it, and really it takes no brain power and whatsoever. You can publish it here and then it will give you the option to embed it on your website or create a pop up for your website which is really cool. I love pop ups. I know some people don’t. And they have a bar option that would just drop down above your navigation bar as well if you’re not comfortable with pop ups. But, the pop ups really make a difference in your website and building your list especially if you timed them right and make sure that they don’t pop up right away but maybe 10 or 20 seconds after person has been on your site so they can decide if they actually want to be there. You can also share it on social media. You can create a Facebook ad from it straight from this website and then you can check out the analytics. Now, I just want to show the analytics for hours.

Now, we just started this not too long ago and already we have had so many people signed up. Forty-six people signed up to our email list in just a very short amount of time we’ve had this up. It has been very, very cool and very responsive as far as getting people on our list. And so, that’s why I just wanted to show you this because it’s a quick win. It’s a very easy tool and it has a free option and so, especially if you upgrade because I think it’s upgrade to get the branch logic and some of the other things but it’s not too expensive I think the cheapest is 29 a month but I actually have a coupon code for you as an interact partner they’ve given us coupon code to share with you if you wanted to try it. And so, I’ll give that to you here in a minute. But these analytics, some results are really cool. I think they’ve also got reporting down here, yes, which is an even cooler option. Let me move my bar all the way. Here you can see exactly where people see views, starts completions and leads. So, you can see people where people are dropping off and improve your quiz based on which question they’re at, based on the date that it’s at and everything like that. It has been so, so very cool. I just can’t talk about it enough. And so, if you have any question there that I kind of just abandoned there and here we go.

So, that’s and I want you to, hold on son. Go upstairs please, I’m not yet done. My son wanted to pop in and say hi. So, let me jump back over to the screen and see if I can, stop sharing right there. Okay, and then I’m going to give you all of that information as well because, let me type it in the comments, if you wanted to try out the tryinteract quiz builder, all you have to do is go to my link for it which again is we’re partner so it’s an affiliate link, full transparency, but it also comes with the 25% discount. And that discount code is, let me find it for you, really fast. Holiday25 and that’s 25% off forever. So, if you buy an annual package with them, you get 25% off of your bill forever for as long as you’re with them. And that’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever seen them do. So, if you wanted to give it a try, the links are right there or you can just go to and use that coupon code and you can give it a try for as long as you want. They don’t have any kind of contractual agreement or anything. But the 25% off is for an annual plan and that’s what we have and it has been like I said, so very cool for list building. And it actually was very funny that I was planning on doing a list building. Son, you can be quiet sweetie. He’s really excited for mommy to get off right now.

And it was really cool that they actually contacted me right before putting this on because I was already planning on talking you about list building and this was just like an icing on the cake for it. So, if you have any questions, don’t, don’t worry just drop them in the comments, I’m going to sign off really quick before my son jumps in the picture, so that, because I don’t want him to be internet famous yet. So, if you have any questions, please drop them below, give that a try and I will see you in the next live next Saturday at 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern. I’m excited of what we’re going to talk about yet because I’m actually going to send out a feedback email to my list asking you what you want to know more about. I have a couple of options. So, we’re going to make this really quick, really easy for you. Thanks absolutely, Ellen, thank you. And we’re going to sign off really fast. He’s trying to sneak in here and now he, I see. Okay, so like and follow our page. Like and follow us on Instagram so you can be notified about it. Go ahead and sign up, take our quiz which will get you on the list. And then, you can actually get some results based on what your written marketing looks like to us, if you’re a rookie, if you’re a sherlock or if you’re forced to be reckoned with. So, go ahead and check that out. If you have any questions I will answer it later on and I’ll see next time. Buh-bye, guys!

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