Build A Community Around Your Brand (Facebook Live Transcript)

Title: Build A Community Around Your Brand
Time duration: 1 hour 12 mins 13 seconds


As we connect, it’s slow to connect. So, you’ll see this in the replay but nobody can see me right now. You got a secret sneak peek. Okay, alright! So, were back. As you join, let me know if you can hear me. Let’s see, I’ve. I’ve pulled my phone but I can’t see it. Okay. Let me see if you can hear me as we get started. I’m just going to keep talking and wait for people to show up and hopefully everything’s working now because we’re going to try to talk about building that community around your brand and how important that is and how great that is for your community. Somebody is showing up now. Okay let me just ask, can you hear me. And see if the audio is working. That would be great if the audio were working cause then we can really talk about stuff. Come on! Alright, so as we get started I wanted to take you through and show you around my Creative Business Initiative Facebook Group. It’s our free Facebook group, and I want to tell you exactly how we built it. Yes! Okay, Cathy, thank you. You can hear me. Great! Okay, let’s get rolling then.

So, I wanted to take you through my Creative Business Initiative Facebook group and tell you exactly what we did. The strategies we’ve been using to help people and that’s the point there. When you build the community around your brand, the point is to help people. You want to help them with their struggles and you want to give them free value and you want to give them really great value as well. Now this might sound a little bit scary but people respond just when they understand what you are about. And the only way to help them understand what you are about is to show them these things. And so, there is a difference between giving away the farm, giving away all of your secrets everything that you would normally charge for or help people for and so not being able to sustain a business using that model. But instead what we want to do is to create value that just people quick actionable results that they can take action right away with and see results from and actually get to know your brand and see that what you’re saying is true. All of the brand promises that you are putting out, you fulfill. And so, if they are getting value from the free content that you put out then they know they are going to get value from the paid content that they get from your brand. Everything that you offered them, your services, your products, if you have programs, if you have a course, whatever you have going on, if they’re getting results from the free offerings from the free value that you give away, they know that they’re going to get even better results from the paid items that they get from your brand. And so that’s how we start to build that community around our brand. And right now, the best tool that you can use to build that community are Facebook groups.

Now, I want to dispel a rumor that I hear all the time and it is not true, is that Facebook groups are dead. I know a lot of big name brands are shutting down their Facebook groups, are archiving them so that either not active anymore and you can’t participate, you’re not getting any more value from them. And the reason for it, I’ve spoken to a couple of people who have done that, the reason for it is because their groups got so big and so out of control that they weren’t able to deliver the same kind of strong value that they were before. A Facebook group works the best when it is on a smaller size and small really has to do with what you can manage. If you can manage a ten thousand-person group, then that’s small for you. If you can address and be in that group actively and talk to people daily and help people in that group, even if it’s ten thousand people, then by all means grow that group to ten thousand people. Participate in all the time. Deliver that value and really help people. If on the other hand, your group reaches ten thousand people and you’re overwhelmed and you hired a team and they take care of everything, and you are never in that group. If you have people dropping out or not responding, not participating, it’s just crickets in there, that means your group has now gotten too large and that was the problem with a lot of big name Facebook groups that started to shut down, is because they were no longer able to deliver the right value. And so, they shut it down and a lot of them actually reopened different groups and started fresh and advertise within the group they were shutting down that hey we’re moving everything over to this location, if you want to join then follow me to this new group. And what that did was it pulled out the most active, the most interested, most value-driven participants in those groups and moved them in to a safer space, moved them in to a place where that person could then deliver that value again and start helping out in a way that they had in the beginning. And so, Facebook groups are not dead. They just don’t really work if you got forty, fifty thousand people and it just turned into a self-promotion platform. That’s not what they are there for. They’re there for the host of the group to deliver value, for the veterans in the group to help out the newbies, for everyone’s struggles and pain points and everything that they are going through to be solved, to be helped with, for connections to be made. That is what a Facebook groups are about and that’s how you build that community around your brand using that Facebook group.

Now, excuse me. I want to talk about exactly how I did it because I know if you don’t have a group or if you were just starting out or maybe you’ve got one or two or ten people in your group, it’s really difficult and you really don’t know exactly how you can start to build those numbers. And so, I want to tell you exactly how I did it. And it’s a little bit about my story, so bear with me for a minute because it did not start out with copywriting at all. In fact, it was a completely, in a completely different industry when I opened my Facebook group and started to serve people. What I was doing at that time was making soap and candles. I was a handmade business owner and I was in a completely different group for handmade business owners, marketing and creating websites and things like that, trying to learn exactly how to build that business. It was my very first experience. I didn’t really know what I was doing and so I was in that group to get help, to receive the help.

As I was in this group and started to build my business, a common thread started to appear and that group of people who said I don’t know how to write product descriptions. I don’t know what to do with my About Page. I don’t know how to write this press release. I don’t have time to write this press release and so I just, I need some help. Does anybody know anyone who can help me write this stuff? And so, I had grown up loving writing, I wrote a novel. I’ve been published in Reader’s Digest and I just raised my hand and say, hey I love to do this it’s a hobby of mine, I would love to help you for free. And that’s how I started my writing business. That’s how I started DNC Copywriting and it was at first very free and then it was very cheap and then I started to raise my price as I got busier and soon it just didn’t make sense to own both the soap business and the writing business and so we sold the soap business and moved everything over to DNC Copywriting and I opened my Facebook group. And then I jumped back in with the permission of the admin and told everyone hey if you do still have issues writing, if you do need help, I’ve just started this free Facebook group if you want to come and join. Now, the most important part of that sentence was I had the permission of the admin to do that. And once I did it, I did it one time and then I left.

After I did that, the way I started to build that community was those people that I served, those people who paid me to do their writing, I then asked them, hey if you were satisfied with this, if you were happy with this, I would really appreciate it if you jumped into Facebook and told people about it. If you jumped into Facebook and said, hey I had this great experience with this person, if you need help, she’s the person you should go and ask or I know someone who can help if you’re having this problem, DM me/PM me if you want to know more. Now, it was totally up to them to share that information if they wanted to share or review or not, it was absolutely up to them. We didn’t provide any incentives. We just asked. And if they didn’t want to do it, then that was completely up to them as well. And it didn’t hurt our feelings at all, it was a personal choice. But what that did was it started to spread the word about our business. And then once people got in touch, we started to spread the word about the community. And then the people started to grow within the community, and they started to spread the word about what was going on.

Now, that was a very beginning stage. That should be one of the first things that you do is start talking to people spreading the word and what we did after that was start to advertise. So, at first, we did free advertising and free advertising was we posted on our business Facebook page. We have, if you go there right now and I’ll actually take you in and show you in a minute. You’ll see that I’ve got, I had a banner up displaying information about the group, I’ve got a pinned post on the page talking about the group. I go around and every time I do a blog post or a podcast interview, I talk about the group. And the reason for it is because it doesn’t feel salesy when you are trying to pitch people to come to your Facebook group. It doesn’t feel salesy if you’re doing it right.

Now, if you are jumping into Facebook groups and you’re saying, hey I have another Facebook group leave this one and come join mine. One, you’re probably going to get banned from that group and two, nobody is going to respond because it does feel salesy and it feels slimy and it’s not the tactic you want to go with. Instead what you want to do is anytime you do write a guest post, a guest blog post or you’re on a podcast interview and if you are not doing that we can talk about that in a future video as well about how you can start pitching and doing that kind of thing because that is one of the best ways to get exposure for your brand. But as you start to spread the word about it and get people onto that group, that is the warmest place for you to then upsell your services, upsell your products, talk about what you want to do and your offerings and how you are going to help people. It doesn’t feel salesy to ask people to come join your group. And so now they’re in there and you’re delivering free content and you’re upselling them.

Now what is that free that content exactly? Let me check to make sure I don’t have any questions about this so far. Okay great. If you do have any questions as we go through please drop them down, put them in the comments and I will start answering as we’re going through everything, I do not mind. I absolutely love to stop what I’m doing and answer your questions. And if you watched the last video you will see I’m a little bit of a tangent here, but I will try to stay on track with this video.

So, let’s talk about the kind of content you should be sharing in your Facebook group, first is your Facebook page. Now, in the teaser video that I dropped on the business page DNC Copywriting Facebook page, Carolyn asked a great question. And she was at the last live when we talked all about how’d you create an entire year of content, and how do you post to social media, and how do you create a content schedule to post to social media and all of that. And so, she asked how do you schedule out those post in your Facebook group, meaning how do you differentiate? If you are posting in your Facebook page, are you posting the exact same thing in your Facebook group or is it a little bit different? And so, I think that’s a great question because it is. It’s 100% different. Now, you can post the same things from your page into your group. I would say that that was an added bonus for your group but instead what we like to post in our group are special things, extra value add content. Hi Carolyn, there she is! I was just talking about you and your awesome questions. So, what we are creating in the Facebook group? The kind of post you want to put in your Facebook group are those extra value driven things.

Now, on your Facebook page, I’m, I’m putting on this master class right now and the point of this master class is to warm people up to a course in January to deliver that free content, to show people exactly what our brand is about and how we can help. And then, in a lot of them I do plug the group. I say, hey if you want to know more, if you want some extra insight, join the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group, because in there I post blog post, I talk to people, I host themed posts in there which is a big thing and we’re going to go over that in a minute. I invite experts in there to talk about other things that I am not an expert in like Facebook ads, Photoshop, anything for your business, different kinds of business strategy because it’s nice to have a different perspective. You might like the things that I do, but there might be someone else who does something a little bit different that works better for your business. So, I invite experts into the group as well. And a great way…Hi Lacy, I know you. A great way to sort of add variety to your group is to invite those experts and to invite those experts in what I like to do is, I’m a member of several different business groups or even just groups in general: handmade groups, groups that are full of the kind of people that I serve and business owners that are aligned with my brand and my brand personality. And what you do in those groups in order to start building that relationship is you’re posting free value in there as well and so there’s this common trend here, right? You’re posting free value. You’ve got this great content around your business that you should be creating all the time if you’re posting blog post then repurposing it into podcast video or podcast audio and YouTube videos. Oh! Hold on, my son’s coming down to say Good Morning. Hi baby! Go upstairs, okay? Daddy got your stuff. Sorry guys, just give me one second. It’s really hard in the morning when mommy is on the computer.

Okay, so, oh okay, Ellen’s got a question. DNC page is your business page and Creative Business Initiative is your private group? Yes. So, the DNC Copywriting Facebook Page is all things DNC Copywriting. That’s our business page. The Creative Business Initiative Facebook group is our private group where we invite people in and we help with all things business. It’s not just writing because we invite experts in for everything for your business. And so, we’re always there to help out with different experts and with our perspectives and it’s all free stuff. Now we do occasionally upsell in there, but most of it is free stuff. We don’t sell too often at all unless someone straight out asks, hey I’m looking for this can you help with this? And then absolutely we raise our hand and say, yes! Yes, we can help with this. DM me or email me at this address and we can get started and talk about it. Now, that’s the kind of strategy you should be using in your Facebook group. It is not a place for you to every single day post, hey I’m selling this, hey I’m selling this, hey I’m selling this. It’s a place for people who are interested in your brand to learn more about what you sell. That means if you’re selling essential oils…you are confused, did that clear it up, Ellen? Okay, it looks like it did. Okay, let me know if you have any more questions.

If you are selling essential oils, which I know one of you who’s watching does, and you want to create content around that topic but you also want to sell the essential oils because you want to sustain your business, you want to be able to help more people. What you do is you talk about the benefits of it. It’s very simple. You talk about how these essential oils can help. And there are tons I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, there are thousands of different kinds of essential oils. I don’t sell them personally, but we’re pretty into them over here. So that’s the potential for you to sell or talk about a thousand different kinds of essential oils and exactly how they help, exactly how they benefit. Now, if you’re going to go live which I definitely suggest you do because it’s one of the best ways to get reached, Facebook rewards you, rewards your business page with further reach if you are going live consistently. Then all you have to do is 10 minutes, talk about the benefits of this one essential oil once or twice a week or if you want to go longer, you could do an entire masterclass or entire webinar.

Facebook live is being used as the webinar platform right now so you don’t need to pay for Webinar Jam or anything like that. You just go live and it’s really difficult to go live from your computer unless you have something like Webinar Jam or Zoom. I use Zoom but you can just use your cellphone and go live for free. You don’t have to add any extra cost to it and the benefit of it is you’re extending your reach for your business. You’re extending the people who are seeing your brand just by going live and talking about this. Now, the difference here is just like we’re doing here on the DNC Copywriting Facebook Page, this is my free masterclass, right? This is the content I’m putting out. After we finished this, I’m going to drop this video into my Facebook group and then I am going to talk to the people in the group about the video if they have any questions at all.

Now, let me talk about, go back to the Facebook group and talk about those themed days. What we do in Creative Business Initiative is, every day is a themed day and I tried to do something that’s really in depth that’s going to get people talking and not always just about business either. So, we have random thoughts day which is really popular in our group and random thoughts day has been about everything from what people had for breakfast, this crazy thing that just happened to them, to hey I just realized I’m having problems with this aspect of my business and I wanted to get everyone’s perspective on it. It’s a day for people to chime in about anything they want and what that does is it gives people a reason to participate even if this week has not been relevant for them. And so, if they feel like their product descriptions are on point and we’ve been talking about product descriptions all week but they don’t really feel like they need that help. Now, the random thoughts post comes up and they want to jump in and they want to be included and so they’re going to chime in and that helps keep the conversation going. It keeps the conversation fresh. Now on Mondays, I drop a post about what this themed week is going to be about and usually its surrounding the masterclass and so if you’re in a Creative Business Initiative Facebook group, you are not just getting the teaser video on a Saturday live like you do on the Facebook page, you’re getting an entire week surrounding that topic. And so, if people want to know more about it, we talk about it more. If they need extra examples, if they need me to drop an extra video explaining something really quick, that’s what you get in the group, its extra value added.

Okay, Ellen has a question. I understand you can do that with something like essential oils, how do you do that with jewelry? Okay. So, if you have a handmade business, if you are making your own jewelry, this is a great opportunity for you to show people how it is done. And so, one of my favorite kinds of post is the experience post and you can do this anywhere on your Facebook page, on your Facebook group, Instagram, wherever you want, if you are just posting photos. But then you can also jump in to your Facebook group and say hey I have this new project for jewelry I just wanted to show you quickly what I am doing. And so, you can drop a video into your Facebook group saying showing them you know a very zoomed in camera image of you creating the jewelry or you can do it behind the scenes stuff with your customer’s permission if you’re going a little bit more in depth into their story. You can do behind the scenes information saying, hey in the Facebook group I am creating this piece of jewelry here is the story behind it. This was an heirloom piece that I had to redo because it was broken and it belonged to their grandmother, they’re giving it to their wife, you know something like that.

Now, if you have the group around your brand and people want to know more about how to buy that jewelry, then you can give them more information about, hey this new line is coming up, here’s a sneak peek. If they join the group because they want to know more about how you create the jewelry, then you want to make sure you’re jumping in with different projects, different things that you’re doing in your jewelry business. It’s also a good idea to post behind the scenes about you as the brand because when people join your group, they don’t just want to know about the jewelry, they don’t just want to know about the creation, they want to know more about you. What’s happening today is that consumers have the option of choosing any jewelry brand that they want. A lot of jewelry brands are going to look the same, a lot of jewelry brands make similar items. If you’re handmade, you have the edge and you have something very unique but what people are choosing between the jewelry brands, between any brand of your business is they are choosing the brand personality, they are choosing the brand that resonates with them. And so, today consumers want to know more about that brand, they want to know more about the person behind it, more about the creator. And so, what is a good idea for you to do is to jump in and talk about hey this is our life this week, this is what is going on.

I have one client where she creates jewelry but she also absolutely loves her horses, and she goes to horse shows several times a year and just rides her horses or she lets other people ride her horses in the show and she participates in that. So, what she does is show them post pictures about the horse show. It’s part of her brand. It’s a southern jewelry brand and so it’s not just about the jewelry, it’s about the horses, it’s about her wide opened, you know, areas outside of her home and the sunsets, everything to do with her brand and that’s what we do with her strategies, we post all things about her brand. Does that help, Ellen? Because that’s a tough question. It’s actually got a lot to do with your personal brand and how you wanted to be seen by the people around you.

Now, I can feel the next question coming is, how do you know what the people in your Facebook group want? So, Facebook has added, it’s not too new but it’s newer to some people. What Facebook does is it implements new updates, they only do it a few accounts at a time and by few, probably a few million at a time. So, not everybody has had this feature since it rolled out probably 6 months ago. People are just now getting it but when you do get it, if you don’t have you can even contact Facebook and say, hey I’m ready for this feature, can I have it please? It’s when people join your Facebook group you can ask them 3 questions, you can choose not to and just approve them if you want as well. But, I think you should ask them 3 questions, use all 3 of them if you want.

That first question should be, what are you looking for in this group? How can I help you? The second question should be, how active are you on Facebook? Or how much time do you want me to devote to you? Or how much time are you willing to risk in Facebook? How much time do you want to be here in the group? And that’s going to tell you how often you need to post. If most of your participants are really only going to be on it once a week, then maybe just post a couple of times a week just so there is a back log of things for them to look at. If your customer says they are going to be there every single day, you know you need to post something every single day and you should be consistent so that they know exactly what time then your post is going to show up, when they can expect to start participating. And the other question should be an upsell question. Have you checked out our website? Have you checked out our newsletter or signed in to our email list? Have you received a discount code yet? And if they haven’t, then you can send them a link to sign up to your email list to get that discount code. Have you checked out our freebie checklist, whatever the checklist name is.? Or the question that I asked, have you received our course guide for our upcoming course in January? If the answer question is no, then you send them a link to join your email list and receive that download.

So, what you’re doing, yes, okay great Ellen! I am so glad, let me know as those questions come up because that one is a tough one and I’m glad that you are asking those hard questions and if you have something that you want to talk about with your brand specifically I definitely encourage you to drop those as well because again, value driven content. I can’t be a value unless I can get specific and so if you have specific questions, absolutely drop them in just like Ellen. How does this pertain to your jewelry business? If you sell something else how does this pertain to this business? I want to be as helpful as I can impossibly be. So, we talked about why it’s important to build that community around your brand? We talked a little bit about the posting schedule that you are going to put in Facebook and how you can differentiate the page from the group. Now, I’m checking out my notes here to make sure I’m covering everything, I told you a little bit of my story and how I started to pull people into my group.

Eventually the word will start to spread about your group especially if you’re delivering that valuable content. And, I talked about jumping in to other groups but I don’t think I have finished that thought. I jump in to other groups a lot just to offer free advice. I don’t plug anything at all unless I have the permission of the admin and a lot of groups these days will have a post once a week saying like share your links, share your favorite opt-in, let’s follow each other. And that’s when I post something like that but a lot of times what I do is I’ll just monitor certain groups a couple of times a week for maybe 5-10 minutes and I’ll scroll through the feed, see if there’s any question in there that I can answer, see if there’s any value that I can add to that group. And then I’ll just jot in a quick post and post it or I’ll answer somebody’s question and I’ll move on. It’s that simple. I don’t spend more than 10 minutes every other day searching through other groups and their select groups. I’m, I’m probably member of a hundred groups but I don’t participate in all one hundred groups all the time. I might focus on handmade businesses this week then next week I will focus on the mom blog Facebook groups and then the week after that maybe some entrepreneurial ones. But I tried to get in to every group and post and spend a few minutes just making sure I’m delivering some kind of value and the result of that has been people DM-ing me asking more personal questions about their business, asking for more information of the services we offer or it’s been people continuing that conversation in that group. And what that can do for you is start to build your authority and once you start building that authority and adding value to different people’s groups, free, completely so strings attached, I didn’t mention an opt-in or any kind service at all, I just answer the question and provided some free advice, then you can start to move people along that journey.

After you build that relationship and when those post come up saying post your link here follow me here you can post that link and you can be sure people who recognize your face, who remember the comment and the helpful advice you gave are going to click that link and follow you to your group, follow you to your Instagram page, to your Facebook page when you, when they DM you and ask you those very specific questions, that’s when you can upsell them all the things because they’re DM-ing you, it’s a personal conversation now. You’re no longer attached to any other groups so you can tell them hey, if you are interested in this, this is the kind of service or product that I offer that can help with that. Or if you want to know more about this, we actually have a community of people who get together and help each other with this type of thing. Here is the link for that if you want to join, it’s completely free. Again, when you’re trying to build that community, the key is free.

Now, let’s talk about the difference between giving the farm away and giving enough content to help people be actionable and specific. Looks like we have a couple more questions so let’s stop right there and start asking them. With what you do, there’s plenty of free advice that you can offer, not so much with jewelry. You do need to sometimes get creative and so what I suggest then is for you to start brainstorming topics that you can talk about. And it doesn’t always have to do specifically with your jewelry and how you create it. You can talk about the different common references that you go to, the different crafts show that you go to. You can talk about what you are doing in your business, take people along on your entrepreneurial journey. What people like is to feel included and so especially when you’re building loyal brand followers, if you are including people on that journey, if they can see the steady progress that you’re making, then they feel like they are part of your brand and so you can do things like that.

Motivation. Motivation always, always, always works. If you can’t think of anything else to talk about, talk about motivation and how it applies to your business, how it applies to your life. If you can be the inspiration for people out there who might be trying to get where you are or who just need that extra lift that day then you have a loyal follower. If you can be someone who helps others in motivational ways and mindset ways, taking them along in your journey maybe providing some step by step things that you’ve done, talking about the mistakes you’ve made, talking about your successes. Help your costumers, help your followers to feel included in your brand and that might be all that they need in order to feel like they are loyal to you. So, let me know if that helps Ellen, throw in some ideas, let’s brainstorm this in the comments if you want because I know some businesses can be a little bit difficult but I definitely want to help.

Now, Birgit asked, I currently have a Facebook business but not a group. What is the advantage of the group and how do I get people to switch over? Okay it looks like I might have paused, let me know if I’m still live, if you can still hear me. Okay, so Birgit, what is the advantage of the group and how do I get people to switch over? Great questions. Carolyn asked these questions before as well, how do you get people to switch over? Now, the advantage of the group we talked a little bit about in the beginning and so whenever the replay is up, you can go back and see that aspect but talking about an incentive. If you can incentivize people to join your Facebook group, that is the best way to do it. So if you say hey, join our Facebook group and we’ve got this free download right here. Join our Facebook group and you can get an instant 20% off and then in the pinned post for your Facebook group, you can have that 20% discount code ready for them right there. Just like you would incentivize people to get in your email list, you can do the same thing to get them into your Facebook group. Let me know if that helps because incentivizing is really the key for business. It’s the next part of the free content. So, after they’ve consumed your free content, you’re incentivizing them to sign up and become a member of your brand and some way with your discount, with your freebie download onto your email list, into your Facebook group, into the VIP community, whatever you’re going to call it. Incentivizing is how you make, help them take that next step into being a member.

So, Ellen says, I promote socially conscious shopping but if I promote other products, am I directing them away from me? You are, if you are talking about jewelry. If you are talking about things that compliment your brand, then, then you are not. So that’s absolutely, that absolutely works. Let me know if I’m still live because it doesn’t look like I’m live. I’m going to make sure I’m answering your questions. So, for Ellen, if you are promoting socially conscious shopping then your jewelry needs to tie in to that as well and so you are always promoting some kind of sell you’re selling. Ok good thank you Cathy. The internet must be a little bit weird today but bear with me, we’ll get through it. You are live, yep awesome, thank you guys.

So, socially conscious shopping. I love that. I love the idea because everybody is always about being on a budget, right? Everybody always wants to save money but you don’t necessarily want them to think that way when they’re looking at your jewelry right? Because you want them to feel like it’s worth the value you want them to buy.

So, what you can do is advertise things that are complimentary to your brand. If it’s about engagement rings, maybe you can even theme it. So, this month, December. Big wedding month. This summer, July, I think big wedding month. So, along with the wedding theme or the summer winter theme jewelry that you’re promoting, you can also do that socially conscious shopping for the wedding dress, the wedding decorations, the venue. You can talk about things that your brand relates to, that surrounds it, and talk about your jewelry and how it fits in to that socially conscious shopping. So especially brides, right? Brides are always on some kind of budget unless you’re super lucky. So, you want to talk about hey, if you want to get a good deal on the wedding dress, here are some great images, here are some beautiful pictures, here are some great venue you can check out. If you are doing that, I do have one suggestion, try to get affiliate links for the other brands that you’re promoting or at least some sort of partnership out of it for the long term. Because, unless you just promoting beautiful pictures and your ring is as a set like those images where they just post the different outfits and the jewelry and like it’s a big wide image, I can’t remember what the software that makes that, then you’re just posting beautiful pictures and make sure your image, your jewelry is a part of that image as well. And so, what you are doing then is you are writing a full service for the brides or whoever it is that you serve. You’re providing the complete picture of what they need. If it’s bride, it’s all the venue, it’s all the dresses, it’s the flowers, it’s the invitations. If it’s not brides, oh yes! Polyvore, that’s the one I’m talking about, thank you, Ellen. If it’s not bride, if it’s maybe southern style jewelry, or quirky jewelry, or a gem stones, and the meditation aspect, and the essential oils, and the things that go along with that, then again you can use something like Polyvore to create those big pictures and you’re showing your piece of jewelry or your product as a part of this complete set. Then, you can also talk about where they can find these different things if you have those affiliate links or you can talk about the brand as a whole, how you can collect all these things to get your complete package. Whatever. Does that help Ellen? Does that help a little bit more? I do want to help as much as I can.

Okay, Birgit just, because I was gone for a bit but I’m live again. Okay. So, if I missed anything, if I, I kept talking as I was going. So, if you missed anything through out there, let me know and I will recap it really quick. So, if you have any more questions go ahead and drop them in and I will keep talking about that. Right now, yes thanks, good Ellen, thank you so much for asking those tough questions I really love to get into it. Part of what we do kind of behind the scenes is just the writing aspect of everything but we really like to dig in to people’s business and their strategies behind how they’re developing their business, how they are advertising, how they are driving traffic and kind of help out that way. We don’t typically advertise that kind of service because we are a copywriting business but having been in for a long time, having connections with bigger business brands, we do like to help people move along if our services are part of that, we don’t want them to make the wrong decision. And, example would be we had someone who requested blog post when social media is really the better strategy and so we just changed the offer and she accepted the offer and that was great because it’s something that’s going to be better for her business. So, if you have questions like that we can definitely help.

Now, how to, let’s see Carolyn have a few questions that she dropped in the teaser post before. How to differentiate, how to get them from the page to group, you should ask that as well, posting different on the group and on the page so again you can post the things on your page into your group just make sure you are delivering that extra value into the group. Now, a lot of people are going to have trouble coming up with ideas on exactly what to post. And so, I have seen posting strategies. If we are talking about themed days for your Facebook group, I’ve seen posting strategies from anywhere, from posting out the same post every week, you know, a 7-day themed strategy to 30 days to 60 days. And so, you are not expecting it to post 60 days-worth, you know, come up with that all at once. Your very first try, it’s going to take some brainstorming and things like that. And we actually did that one point go all the way up to 30 days but what we found for our group in particular and here’s might be a little bit different. Again, this is where you actually jump in and ask the group what they want. Always, always ask for feedback and see what they need from you and how you can better serve them. But what we found with our group was, especially while we are doing this master class, we’re posting a lot of content like an overwhelming amount of content sometimes.

And so, creating 60 days-worth and having them come to a new post every single day and not know what to expect actually decrease the engagement in our group. So, what we did is we went back to the 7-day post along with the repurposing our live video into the group and the teaser video into the group. And now every Friday on the Facebook page, we have got the flashback blog or flashback live transcript if you prefer to read instead of watch, we post that every Friday on the Facebook page. So, the information that we’re putting out there is all incredibly helpful, it all answers the questions that are being asked in our group but it is an overwhelming amount. So, we stuck to the seven-day post schedule so that people know exactly what to expect every day of the week. And they can jump in there and they can participate. They can save the videos to consume later, whatever. We even started to organize, and we have a master list of every single video and so when you signed up to our email list, you actually getting invitation to this Google drive document that has the permalinks for every single master class video plus a lot of extra videos that we show up before we started the master class. So that if people are behind, they don’t feel like, oh! Crap, I’ve missed it, I really need a help with target market research and now I’ve missed it and I can’t find it in a Facebook feed. Well now they can just go to the Google doc and find it. And so, whatever works best for your group, if you want to create 30-60 days of post, if you can sit down and come up with those and come up with the images and the overlay texts, that’s great. If that works for your group that does have high engagement for a lot of groups. It is very helpful but for other groups it might be too overwhelming so you might want to stick to 7 days. And again, that’s where you ask, that’s for you to say, hey what do you looking for in this group? If I posted 7 days-worth, what would you want to see? If I posted 60 days-worth, would you rather every topic be different every day?

Cathy asked, so I sell children’s clothing products focused on organic materials and fun and functional products, so I should post about the benefits of organic materials and then what? Not sure how to talk about the fun of my clothing? So, the fun is going to be in the images. The fun is going to be in your lifestyle shots and so especially if you have an Instagram account, everything is about the image, you know. The copy is a huge part to differentiate you on Instagram. You want to make sure you’re telling that story but the images are what gets the people there. So, you’re talking about the fun with those images and you want to make sure that every single product brand has those lifestyle shots using their products. Because it’s not enough to just show the image of your product even if it is beautiful lighting, you want to show the product being used. You want to give people an idea. You want to plant the seed of what it is going to be like if they own that product and how it’s going to help them. So, that’s kind of how you can show the fun. How you can talk about the fun is to tell stories.

Now, I love talking about children’s clothes and children product lines because it is one of the most fun things to write about especially when you have the permission of the client to kind of tell a story. So, what you want to do is make sure you are getting those testimonials and case study information from your customers say, hey after you bought our products send them a follow up email. Maybe after the invoice and say, we just want to make sure you receive the products and everything went well. We like to promote stories from our clients. If you want to tell us how your kids are using this or where they wore this. Anything about how you use this product, we would like to post this story on our group and on our page. And talk a little bit more about you and your amazing family or things like that.

Now, some people are going to go for that but a lot of customers really like to be appreciated publicly and so especially if you can offer them say, hey we are just going to tell a short story. One, that’s a great way to appreciate your customers publicly and to say thank you for buying our product. And two it’s showing other people how you treat your customers. And it’s displaying that story, it’s telling that story about different people using your different products. And so, it’s creating that trust and creating that loyalty. It’s building that followership. And once those people, once your customers’ story was posted you can let them know, hey your story is live if you want to check it out and share it to your Facebook page. And then they can share it and say, hey, look guys our story was posted on so and so business Facebook page check it out. Now the word is spreading about your brand. So, that’s just one way you can kind of tell that story and tell it organically. Tell a true story with a case study. Another way you can do that, let see you talk about organic materials fun and functional products. So, Cathy tell me what the products are? Children clothing products. Be more specific, is it just like shorts and pants, do you have post? What exactly do you sell that I might be able to get more specific when I know more about that.

In the meantime, let’s see what else that I have got in here. Content, schedule for the group versus the page, how to come up with the ideas, you can follow and get a following too. So, I kind of talking about everything that I had on my list. Now, if you have anything specific, Cathy, if you want to jump in with specific clothing items, I can talk more specifically about that. If anybody else wants to jump in with any questions and get specific advice on their products and things, I really love to talk about this community aspects. And, when after you create this community, what you want to do is talk about this community and talk about all of the amazing people that you have in your community, how you’re helping them. The success stories. You want to spread the word by talking about the benefit of it. And so, even if you don’t have any guest post opportunity for the blog post. If you have not reached out and gotten in the podcast interviews or anything like that. You can just shoot these videos talking about how amazing your group is and the people that you are helping. You can jump into the Facebook group and just check in with them while you’re trying to brain storming and come up with these ideas of how you can deliver extra content. That extra value that you can give can just be you. They want to know more about you that’s why they have joined your group. You are your brand and so you have advertised it, they like you, they have joined it, they want to know about you. So, what you can do is you can just check in with them every once in a while, or everyday.

Make sure you are consistent. This is really big deal. Make sure you are consistent with whatever you are doing. Plan it out so that you can be consistent and just say hey today this is what I, what’s going on with our brand? Today this is what is going on with me. I want to know what’s going on with you. Keep the conversation going. Always be asking questions so your followers, your customers, the people who were engaging with you can answer them, who feel like you actually want to make contact with them, they feel like you actually want to engage with them, you are not just setting up the Facebook group and then jetting. They want to know that you are actually there and you care. Okay so Cathy, little girl’s dresses, stay on wrap mittens for boys and girls, winter scarves, content on a group of four, oh Bridget sorry, let me do for Cathy first. Organic baby blankets, organic security blankets, organic bibs. So, it’s absolutely amazing that you are making organic stuff and people are all about organic stuffs so they want to know about all of these materials that you’re using. They want to know about the benefits of your organic material. And I know you already said you talked about that, so that is great. What you can do here is also talk about the benefit of the product itself. So, stay on wrap mittens for boys and girls. Talk about the pain point there. Why is there a need for the stay on wrap mitten? Was it because they always fall off, right? Or, they’re always get lost especially kids. They are just always going to lose those mittens because they want to take them off. They want to ball that snowball and throw it on anyone and put their mitten on but now it’s lost. So, tell that story. Again, it’s all about the story. Remind your costumers about why they are buying this product in the first place and it just solves this problem.

So, even if, when I, very early on when I was writing product descriptions, and this works really well for blog post as well or even just short content for social media, I would tell a fictional story about that product. And it was, the main brand that I focused on that time was a birthday party brand for little kids, or an event brand for little kids or babies. So, what I would talk about are those very nostalgic moments that you have. You are celebrating your daughter’s first birthday. This day is one of the most special days. It’s the first time you get to celebrate her year. It’s one where all the families are going to be involved. All the pictures are going to be taken. This moment is going to be gone before you know it so you want to make sure you’re capturing it, you want to make sure everything is perfect. Really dive in to the emotions that your customers, that your followers are going to experience with your products.

So, with the mittens, talk about that winter experience, talk about that story behind it. When you are creating content make sure it’s not just about the product itself, but it’s about the memory that your clients are going to experience with it. Now, I know this is difficult to you because we are not story tellers here, right? We are not novelists. We are not trying to win a book deal. We are, you know, business owners. We are trying to sell a product. And so the best way to do that, I feel like is to use real customers. To use real case studies and talk about how these products are being used. Talk about the materials that you’re using. Talk about the region where you get these materials. If you have some kind of charity involved, talk about that charity. Talk about how you help others to get back to the community. Talk about how the brand impacts the community as well. If you and your husband as the owners or just you as the owner participate in community involvement and things, then your brand participates in community involvement to talk about that. Talk about how you’re helping out. Talk about new projects that are coming up or difficulties within the brand, successes that you’ve had, failures that you’ve overcome, learned from. Talk about how you are helping out as a part of the brand people want to align themselves with someone who’s going to give back and so if you are giving back, talk about that as well. Again, the journey, the journey is the most interesting thing to a lot of people especially as new business owners or business owners who are still trying to get that next level. People want to be included in that journey and so make it a themed day. Talk about what where are you going, talk about where you’ve been, your brand story and then suddenly provide those incentives in there to get people in to your group and things like that. So, Cathy, tell me if that helps because again, it’s very brand specific and just like Ellen, these are the hard questions and I want to make sure I’m digging as deep as I can and helping as much as I can. So, tell me if that helps or if you have any follow up questions, let me know what else you want me to answer.

So, Birgit said, should I have content in the group of four people before inviting people in there?  You should have a welcome post at the very minimum and so let me go ahead and share my screen and show you my welcome post here so that you can see a little bit about what I mean by that. Let’s see, I have to find it first. Share the screen, so here we are. Let’s go in to the group. Okay, let me know if you can see this. This is my, the Creative Business Initiative. Oh I’m sorry, this is our Facebook business page so you can see I have got the banner and everything. And we share a lot of content. I post all these videos in here We’re probably about to see us on video. So then, let’s go into the group. Creative Business Initiative Facebook group, I’m going to pop over just to make sure you can see it. Okay good.

So, this is the Creative Business Initiative Facebook group and about the same banner image here because right now we are promoting the course for January and so we’re promoting it everywhere. We want to make sure people know about it. Normally what I would have there is just another helpful image. You can click on these images by the way so it’s a Sign Up Click Here because when you do click here, there’s, oh there is supposed to be a link right there showing you how to get to the course and everything and I patch that update many times because of the glitch and so I think I just forgot to link again. But right here is the welcome video and before it was just a welcome post and you can just do a welcome post if you like but I chose to recap everything I talk about in a very short video and I think it’s only a minute long. It’s very short, very easy to consume. But, basically what your welcome post in your group says is, why people are here, what they can expect from you and what the rules are.

Now, in the beginning the rules might not feel that important because, yeah, you can easily moderate the few followers that are coming in and as it grows you can kind of keep up but as the numbers start to rack up there, you want to make sure these rules are in place and that people who have been in the group are already very aware of them. So, we, my rules are, be helpful, no selling, be kind, no novel length posts – this makes moderation difficult, be friendly, be honest, be civil. So, a lot of them are common sense, you know, of human being kind of things. But the very important in there was no selling. Now, I provide a post in the group saying share your favorite opt-in, share your social media, I think that was on Fridays so I just scroll then and show it to you. Right there. Follow me, favorite opt-in or social link let’s follow each other, and people posted in there their favorite opt-in and their favorite social media links so that everyone could follow each other, you can get feedback on that opt-in whatever. But this allows someone to kind of sell in that one post to keep it all succinct and so that they can actually put their name out there and get benefit from that if others in the group are interested in it. But I don’t like to have people post just a random post throughout the week saying, I just created this who wants to buy it? Because that’s not what this group is for. Our group is for help with business, help with writing, things like that. So we want to make sure we keep it focused.

Now, this was a big reason a lot of the bigger brands shut down their very large groups and reopen smaller groups is because it just became a place for people to pitch all of their offerings and nobody was getting real value from it. So that’s why you want to make sure these rules are in place so that, one, people know what to do, people know what to expected of them and what they are allowed to do as part of the group, and, two, so that when people do accidentally, because it does happen on accident sometimes, maybe they did not read the rules or they just forgot because everyone’s a member of several groups and accidentally post something like that then one of the veterans of the group can step up and say hey, just so you know this isn’t really allowed or I can step in and say I have to delete this now because it’s against the rules but please do post it on Friday when we have the follow me post. Something like that. And it doesn’t get out of hand and it’s easy to moderate.

Now the novel length post one is because it’s easy to sell within something that is difficult to read so if someone is posting this novel length post maybe I don’t have time to moderate it, I don’t have time to go in and read for few days and they are selling something and it might irritate the group, it might disrupt the environment or the atmosphere that you have and so you just want to make sure what people posting or keeping it short and sweet to the point and they are waiting for that follow me link in Friday. Now, let me go through and show you other things you can see right here, we’ve got the Random Thoughts, the Weekly Wins, a lot of groups have these weekly wins and so that’s really one of the stables. The Follow Me and the Weekly Wins are stable in a lot of groups for a lot of people are posting because it’s nice to celebrate with the group. It’s nice to have a reason to brag about yourself and direct about the things that you’ve done and so that’s really important to give people that opportunity to share the things that they’ve done. We also have the accountability post on Sunday if they’re looking for some extra help, we’ve got the topic of the week. There it is the accountability post. So, if you need help with accountability, I even posted in here this time. Then, that’s what we have in this group as well is sometimes we partner out with people, they DM-ing each other and say hey I’m working on the same thing, I need accountability too, let’s both check in on Wednesday for the weekly win and see if we hit our market. Okay, if anybody else has questions, I will just switch back and forth to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Let’s see. You can see a lot of the videos and things are posted there is that link, that master list of all the lives I posted in here for them as well. Another follows me. So, oh you’ve noticed here, I don’t want to skip over that, that Follow Me is different from that Follow Me. And so, what I did is I’m still keeping the same, the same weekly 7-day themes but I actually have 14 images. So, I’m switching up the images but I’m keeping the same theme and that is something that you can do as well. It does help break it up a little bit. It keeps it fresh within your group. But that you having to create that 30 or 60 days-worth of post topics. So, that’s the kind of theme that we’ve gone through. Let me stop sharing and go back here. So, let me know if that helps, if you got any questions about that. Now, let me see if I answered your question Birjit before I move on. Okay, Cathy asked a great question here. Let’s see Birgit, I have content in the group of four inviting. Okay so the question was, do you need to have content in there. If it is an empty group, definitely have that welcome post before you start inviting anybody so that they know what to expect as soon as they get in there. I would have at least two I would say, excuse me, pieces of content in there and ready to go just for people to consume as soon as they get in there. Excuse me I’m sorry this coffee. It also helps people get to know more about your brand and make sure that they are in the right place for them. They clicked on the link to join your group because they were interested in whatever aspect of your brand you are advertising, whatever incentives they were trying to get from joining your Facebook group, whatever help they’re looking for. And so if you’re giving them some immediate help or some immediate information based on what they joined the group for, then yes that is absolutely helpful. Definitely have a few things in there for the very first people who join to reward them for joining one beside the incentive and so that they can see that you follow up on the things you say you will. So, if they have joined the group because they want to know more about the jewelry that you make, they want to know more about how it’s helpful for them the pain points that they are struggling with or maybe if they want to know more about your brand, behind the scenes, then have a few images in there or some snippets, some short stories things telling them about it. Or even the video. Another video other than your welcome video or your welcome post, just talking a little bit about your brand and the things that you are going to be posting throughout the week. Okay, I can see it. So, let me see. It helps a lot, great Cathy.

Cathy asked how do you make money? You are giving away so much free content. Okay, great question. So, along with that free content that you’re putting in there, you’re also occasionally posting in a sale. Now one of the best things that I have seen, best ways, and it’s from another community that I am a part of, I love that they do this is they will jump in and they will ask the group hey what do you need from me. And then they will get a whole bunch of responses because it is a large group and of people saying I’m looking for this kind of thing, I’m looking for help organizing my business, I’m looking for help with writing blog post, I’m looking for help using Facebook ads. Then they will create a product around what people said and then jump back into the group and say, hey we asked you what you needed you told us this is what you were looking for so we created something just for you. And then they sell that product directly to them. Now you can do that with jewelry, with clothes. You can ask them, hey what kind of things are you looking for? What style of clothes? What style of jewelry? What do you like? What can I create for you? And you’re not creating extra work for yourself as in you are not just creating something to sell exclusively to your Facebook group. You are asking your warmest target market what they want from you so that you can then create a line surrounding what they are looking for. And it can be your new line for the season. It can be your signature line. It can be this surprise launch, flash launch line that you deliver to the public. You just happened to have asked your warmest market which your Facebook group is what they want. Now you can jump in back into your Facebook group and say hey you told me you really love polka dots so we created a line entirely around that. Or you told me you were looking for a certain style of jewelry, dangling earrings in fuchsia or in turquoise or something. I’m sorry I’m out of jewelry creator. So, we created an entirely new product just for you. And it’s not just for them. It’s for the public as a whole. You are posting it on your website but you got the information from your warmest target market. From the people who know you best, from the people who love your brand the most, and so what you are doing is actually the main target market research just by using your Facebook group and asking simple questions.

Now, another way you can do this is to upsell them is to push them to the buying journey. How you can push them to the buying journey is you can first present that free content, that free information and then once they click it or opened it there is a link in there upselling them. Now if it is a blog post, within a blog post, maybe it’s a link to one of your lower price items. Once they buy the lower price items, maybe they received a thank you email and an email upselling them or a link within the thank you email saying, if you loved this item, you will love the bundle or if you love this item, maybe you can buy one for a friend and gift it as a friend especially around the holidays, if this item is working for you why don’t you buy one for a friend or you can combine it as a bundle, we can put a cost of it to worth a bundle or maybe you will like this higher priced item that would go great with it, if they bought a bracelet, maybe the necklace is the upsell and so it goes great with it as a pair. Cathy, that is the great answer but I was talking about you. You must offer something to buy this is great and I love to learn more. Okay, well right now, thank you for asking that Cathy. Right now, this is an upsell. So this is the free content that we are giving out and we are talking about the same topics that we actually cover in our course debuting in January.

Now every time I go live, every piece of content that I’ve put out there I talked about what we offer. So, I just sprinkle in a little mention some soft sells, some about this services that we offer. I talked a little bit, I mentioned a little bit and hint it out a little bit of coaching stuff that we are kind of dipping our toe into. And right now, we are just pushing the course really hard. And so, I also dropped links in throughout and if you want to visit the website you can go in there and look for yourself. But really, we don’t do hard sells here. We like to let our products and our services and our content, the free content that we deliver speak for itself. And so, I can’t ever remember the time where I jumped in and say hey, buy this now or hey it’s on sale get it now. I mean there is nothing wrong with that but we just choose to let the content to speak for itself and to build that traffic organically. Because if this is something that is interesting to you, the Facebook groups, if this is really helpful to you, we have an entire module dedicated to it and step by step process, tutorials, templates, checklists, a free community where you can actually drop content into as part of the membership course in January and get professional feedback like complete feedback on what you written for me and my team. So that’s how we typically upsell. And as we get closer to January, you will see as talking more about what’s in the course. But that’s kind of how we do that. And thank you for asking that Cathy, I appreciate it.

Carolyn says, okay great course starting in January. I’m so excited. Yes, okay so I’m going to talk about it a little bit then plugs it. This is really, we’re wrapping up the Facebook group aspect of it and building the community around it. I did want to mention one last thing before we wrap that side up and then I’m going to talk about the course a little bit since you asked, is because people will follow you because they like you. So that is why I am pushing everybody to go live. That’s why I’m pushing everybody to create that content is because your followers are going to follow you because they like you. They have the option of lots of different jewelry, lots of different clothing brands out there, they are going to choose your brand because they like you. So, what they want to see is more of you. You need to be in that group. You need to be live, you need to be creating content, you need to be practicing this so that it feels more natural to let your personality out. I will tell you I started to go live more than a year ago and I would only do it every once in a while, and then I would probably delete it after a few days because it was so bad. And right now, my husband is really heavily involved in our business but he is all behind the scenes. As we develop our business, he wants to be more involved, he wants to be more in public. But it’s scary to go live, right? It’s very hard to go out there and put yourself out there and to just stare into this camera and no people are watching you.

So, what we’re doing is he is creating a diary, a video diary, and he just talked about the different things that we would like to discuss publicly with people. We have plans to create a podcast in the future, and so that’s another baby step you can take. Hi Laura, welcome. That’s another baby step you can take to start going live, to start putting your voice and your face and you are putting yourself out there, especially if it is something that’s really scary for you because I promise you it was so bad when I first started. I swear I recorded the very first welcome video for the Facebook group fifty times and I was still like cringing every time I watch it. It takes practice. It really does. And at first it feels very robotic because you don’t know what your personality is on camera. It’s not really the same as just sitting and talking to somebody cause maybe you are little lower energy like me and when you talk someone you just kind of like to chill and just chat and everything. But when you are on camera, like eyes need to be big you need to smile you need to be excited about what you are talking about or nobody is really going to be excited either. So it does take some practice and some feel around it. And that was the last point I wanted to hit is when you are building that community around your brand, you need to start practicing being yourself on camera, start practicing writing in your own voice. You need to put yourself out there so that people can see you because they are going to choose your brand because they like you, they like your brand.

We are our own worst critic. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. Thank you, Carolyn. Well yeah, we are our own worst critic but I think it was still pretty bad. I appreciate that though and actually if you scroll through the feed, you might find some older videos. And I think I have improved a lot so you can compare, I let you do that part. So, we are wrapping up the Facebook group aspect of this. If you don’t want to hear about the course, I totally understand but I hope you do. This is the end of the Facebook group we are part of the master class.

Right now, I want to tell you about the module that covers all that we have talked about right here and more and that is our serendipities social media module and the DNC Written Marketing Course that’s coming up in January. And so not only do we cover all the things we’ve been talking about, we also cover step by step stuff. So just like I mentioned, I take you through tutorials, how do you use Canva. I give you templates on how to write everything. I show you step by step exactly what you need to do to build that Facebook group, to set it all up and then to create the beautiful image using Canva, what you need to watch out for, what you need to look for because especially when starting that Facebook group for the first time, you really don’t know the kind of image that you should put up there. You haven’t really paid attention to other groups that you are part of and so it doesn’t feel natural to pick the right picture to frame it right, to filter it right, to put the text on it, so it looks good and it is not too cluttered. I take you through all of that. And then we talk about what post and we talk about those themed weeks. We talked about content creation and the calendars that you should be using, the strategies you should be using. Not only for this Facebook group creation but also for all social media. We talked about the big six platforms. And I know in last week’s live, we only talked about Instagram and Facebook. But in the DNC Writing Marketing master class we talked about the big six which is Facebook, Instagram Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Do I mention Facebook? I think all of them. LinkedIn.

So, we talked about how you can post and the best strategy to use and all of those. We also talked about how to choose because you are not supposed to be in all of them. If you are in all of them you are wasting a lot of time because I guarantee your warmest market is not spread out completely even in all six of the big six social media platforms. They’re probably in one or two. And so we show you how you can figure that out, what you can do. A lot of it is competition research and we talked about that. And we addressed the elephant in the room that surrounds competition research and how you can do it ethically, how you can use “coopetition,” the competition but a “coopetition” to help your brand and other brands succeed as well. So, the entire course is laid out this way. Not only do we take you through the theory, we also take you step by step through what we are actually doing and taking actions on all of the written marketing from blog post and content creation to every page, every single page on your website including two bonuses that you shouldn’t write on at all. So, there are two pages on your website, I don’t want you touch, I don’t want you to write on at all. That doesn’t mean they’re blank. I’m going to give you a hook up in there so that you can just click a link, fill out a couple of questions, and it pops out this readymade page for you and it’s the privacy policy and the FAQs pages. You don’t need to work on that at all, don’t waste your time. I give you the hook up in there on creating this in five minutes and then copying and pasting and it’s completely legal and it covers all your basis for your business. All of that stuff.

Do you still write copy for people, descriptions emails, pay to quick? Yes Cathy, yes thank you. You are the bottom dig itty asking all of these great questions. We absolutely provide all these services and more if you go to, I’ll actually type it in the comments right here, We have most of our services listed there. We also offer things that are on there. Usually because it’s not commonly ask about. That’s why we don’t have it on our services page. But if we do get contacted and we have experienced writing it then we absolutely offer that and we can provide a quote on anything you need. So, in order to walk to walk as we’re talking to talk with this course, we’re going continue to provide services for everyone who needs them. Absolutely Cathy, absolutely.

So, if you do need something, let me know. Check out our prices are right there in the services page as well. I know if you visited copywriter websites before, most of them don’t put prices on there because they change them so often. We have decided we’re going to stay consistent and we’re going to put them out there in complete transparency. And so this price fits for you then it’s there, then you can request a service and book in right away. If doesn’t fit for you then we completely understand. Oh! Cathy, you have my brain working now. So we actually just started implementing this new thing to and the page for it actually is not quick and it’s still look a little funky but we’re working on it. But we’ve pulled all of the modules out of our course and before we offer the membership in January, we’re going to let you test drive all of the modules individually. So, you can go to course and see all of the modules were going to be including in the membership.

Now we have a lot of more lot of extra stuff in the membership that we’re going to offer, like the community, and the one-on-one help with that, some webinar and bonuses, some extra tutorials, the case study. Katie the case study has been huge and so many people have told me how excited they are to actually see all the principles we talked about in action in this case study. That’s going to be in the membership. But if you go to, you’ll be able to pick the module that works for you at this moment. And all you have to do is pay for that one module and it’s a huge savings. And you get a taste of what’s going to be in the membership community. We also have an even smaller package, the templates package. So a long time ago, if you’ve been with me for very long time you might that we we’re offering templates for one of things like blog post, templates press release, templates and things like that. We now offer template packages. We’re bringing them back and we have reworked them to reflect all of the experience we’ve had in the last several years so that they are top of the line and the best templates that you can possibly get. These are actually the templates that are also going to be in the course, in the membership. And so if you don’t have money right now to be in the membership, if you’re not sure that you’re interested, then you can go in and you can pick between the templates and the mini courses there and you can test drive it and you can see if it’s going to be for you or not.

Let me just type that in for you. Hope I spelled that right. As a copywriter that’s one of my biggest pet peeves is I’ll go through and see what I typed and be like I can’t believe I misspelled that. Okay so, if you have any questions we’re going to kind of wrap it of here. We went very long not just because I was very excited to talk about the course since you are interested Cathy. But Carolyn, Birgit, Ellen you asked some incredible questions and we’ve really broke it down and start, tried to answer those hard questions in there and I really appreciate you jumping in here. I like the challenge. I like to be asked things that really make me think and try to figure out how it’s going to fit better with your brand. So, I really appreciate you jumping in and asking those questions.

If this was for you, so the course you’re referring to is actually in on-going membership. Yes, the course that’s debuting in January. That’s going to be a membership you get access to it for life. And more than that, we actually decided that were going to implement a 120-day money back guarantee. So that’s four months. If you decide this isn’t for you, after four months, you get your money back. Now there are terms that we need to know that you’ve actually you know implemented parts of the course. But that’s more than any other course I’ve ever seen online offer. We wanted to make sure that this is the most helpful thing that you can possibly do for your business from a writing stand point. You get all lifetime updates when you join membership and the membership is also the community. So not only to get the course, you get the money back guarantee, you also get that private community where you can submit everything you’ve create. As you through all the modules, if you write, if you’re going to the website module and you’ve written every single page for your website, you can then submit it to the community, my team and I will look at that and provide expert professional critiques for you. We’ll provide feedback on how you can make it better so that not only have you gotten the education in the course, you’ve actually gotten feedback on what you’ve made so you know that it’s going to work.

So, if there are no more questions, please check out all of these things. I’m going to insert a link to the course guide for January if you want to know more about that as well. And we’ll get you on our list so that you can hear about the early bird specials. We’re going to have some really huge discounts the week that we launch. We’re also going to be hosting a challenge that gives people another taste of what’s going to be in the course before they pay for it and some bonuses involved in that week. So, if you’re interested in all that, definitely download the course guide whenever I post it here in a minute. And check out those other links if you’re interested at all. And next Saturday we’re going be talking absolutely. Great class I’m so glad. Thanks for everything. Glad I made time to watch and listen. Yes! And if you missed any part, don’t worry the replay will be there. And if you do download the course guide you’ll also get the master class master list so you can go back to any previous episodes that you might have missed. Like and follow us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @dnccopywriting if you want to see some of those behind the scene things and only on Instagram we have that quiz up there. We are only putting that on Instagram from now on so definitely go and check that out. And I will see you next Saturday 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern trying to do this on the fly now. And were going to be talking about something else that’s pretty amazing. I’ll drop a teaser video on Tuesday to let you know all about exactly what we’re going cover with the next live. I really appreciate everyone showing up and the great questions that were answered, that were asked. If you have any follow up questions after we close this up, don’t hesitate to ask. I will drop in. I will jump into the comments and answer as best I can and will dive deep into your brand and everything you need. Again, thank you so much and I’ll see you next week.


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