Home Pages are Old-fashioned and Backwards – Here’s a Better Way

A landing page is always better than a home page.

Actually, several landing pages are better than a single home page.

I wish I got this question a lot, but the fact is that most people don’t even think to question the backwards, old-fashioned notion of a home page.

Let’s start from the end and work our way backwards.

What can a landing page do for you?

The Benefit of Separate Landing Pages

More specifically, what can several, tailored landing pages attached to different entry points to your site, do for you?

Let’s say, for arguments sake, you do tailor a few landing pages to different entry points to your website.

These entry points could include:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Guest Posts
  • Bios you hold on different websites
  • Podcasts

The list can go on for a while.

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If, for argument’s sake, you use language that aligns with the market that’s most attracted to your content on those separate sites, would that language be the same.

Probably not. Customers who find you on Instagram will not be the same customers who find you on LinkedIn.

Nor will the content you cover in guest posts be the same as what’s covered on podcasts you’re being interviewed on. A blog, by nature, can be much more visual than a podcast.

And if your bio is featured on different websites, who knows what kind of content could be covered, how you’re affiliated, and what the target market is that finds you there.

All of these target markets will (at least) have slight variations in language, interest and need. At most, they’ll be wildly diverse and have little to do with one another.

So is it really a good idea, let alone good business, to direct all of these markets to the same location – your underutilized or information-saturated home page?

Most definitely not.

With separate landing pages, not only can you use the language these segmented target markets use, you can also customize different freebie opt-ins to each of these markets and segment them separately on your email list.

And then, the magic begins…

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With your different markets segmented on different lists, you can funnel distinct offers that will appeal to them perfectly. You don’t have to create one, generalized offer and hope to catch the crumbs.

Every step of your sales funnel is now more personal and tailored to what these segments actually need.

Now, let me ask you, if you tailored specific offers to satisfy the needs of these specific markets, how likely is it that you’ll convert at a higher rate than if you used one general offer for all of them?

Incredibly likely, and you didn’t have to pick just one. You created tailored offers for every segment of your over-arching niche.

Think of the possibilities…

Are you seeing green yet?

Okay, let’s hit reverse and go back to the beginning.

The Hidden Cost of Your Home Page

If, for argument’s sake, all that we’re say here is true and possible, then what is the purpose of a home page?

Just to make more sense of it, let’s call it a sales page instead.

But sales pages are great! They sell things, don’t they?

Yes and no.

In this case, as a sales page, it can showcase your work, products, testimonials, the offer itself, proof of your claims, etc.

Wait, that doesn’t sound like a home page. My home page doesn’t have most of that stuff.

You’re right, most businesses don’t pack all of this stuff onto their home page because it’s too much.

So, what’s the alternative? A sparse home page will little text, some photos, and links throughout the website (that could easily fit into the header or footer link sections, may I add – just sayin’).

Regardless of the amount of text, photos or links on your home page, if you funnel all of your traffic to this one location you’re at a huge disadvantage.

It’s not tailored to specific markets but generalized to a wider market you’re hoping to get a piece of.

Because of this, you’re relinquishing control over the process, and the results.

You’re throwing broad and diverse audiences at a generalized page of text.

Best case scenario, you’re losing customers to more niched sites.

So what is the real purpose of a home page?

I’ve heard it called your online businesses store front, but who really cares about a physical location’s store front?

As long as it doesn’t give the impression that you’re walking into a sting operation, that is.

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Other than that, there will be no lasting impression, physical or online, let alone be read by website visitors.

In my opinion, it’s useless other than to fill a requirement we’re taught we ought to satisfy.

Eliminate it, and replace it with a tailored landing page.

Create one for each segment or target market you feel you can serve a little differently.

As an example…

You wouldn’t want to send the people who find you on Instagram (where people see what an affluent entrepreneur you are) to the same landing page as those who read a guest post you wrote about the benefits of including kale in your diet.

Two different markets. Both attracted to your one business for two different reasons. This gives you two different opportunities utilizing two different facets of your expertise.

Nutrition and building a profitable nutrition business.

See what I mean. You’d never be able to get both of those customers with the same home page. At least, it’s not likely.

If you’ve been in business for more than a minute you’ll likely have heard the word, “niche down”. Well, actually you don’t have to niche down that far after all.

You can’t cover everything, but maybe, just maybe, you don’t have to pigeon hole yourself out of a profitable business.

Instead, you can cover various aspects related to your chosen niche and still appear to niche down far enough to attract people looking for exactly what each of your landing pages offer.

Pretty great, eh?

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