How to Make Your About Page Stand Out

People read About Pages because they’re interested in the brand and the face behind the brand.

This is great news. It means that the customer is looking for a reason beyond your product to be loyal for life.

They want to know you. They want to know about your family. They want to know why you started this business, and what your day-to-day is like.

But before you write your About Page, I’m giving you homework.

Don’t freak out! This homework is not difficult and it is necessary for you to create your About Page.

Before you can write your About Page, you have to start with some backstory. So jot down your backstory and why you started this business. Once you’ve dumped everything out of your head and onto the page, we can begin formatting it to make sense to your customers.

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Tone of Voice

Now, you need to decide what tone of voice you’d like to adopt for your About Page.

It needs to be consistent with your brand personality.

Are you fun and approachable? Are you serious and intellectual? Are you outrageous and quirky?

Whatever you decide, just make sure you’re happy with it because you’ll need to consistently keep that tone of voice with everything you write for your business.

  • Web content
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • The list goes on…

Not sure what your tone of voice or brand personality is?

Try writing a letter to a friend. Use the language that comes most comfortably to you. Then read that letter as if you were one of your customers.

Does it feel comfortable, or awkward? Adjust it until you’re happy with the result, but don’t edit your personality out.

There are plenty of dry companies with zero personality behind their words and your customers won’t stick around for another 2-dimensional brand.

Let the world see you. Your truly loyal customers will find you and that will be the reason they stay.


Once that’s done, the next step is choosing which POV to use in your about page.

The easiest way to differentiate these is:

  • 1st person sounds like a friend talking to you
  • 3rd person sounds like an interview

In 1st person, you talk about yourself and say some personal things.

In 3rd person, it sounds like someone researched your company and is reporting on what they learned. There isn’t as much personal information, but you can dig deep into the amazing things you’ve done without the icky, braggadocios feeling.

What’s great about POV is that it leads us into our next topic…


As you read other About pages, the first thing you probably noticed is that there are two types of About pages.

Many are short and only include maybe 300-400 words.

While others take a few minutes to read through; ranging from 500-1000 words.

The length of your About Page is totally up to you. For Product-based Business, however, I recommend keeping it short.

The reason for this is you want to keep the focus on the product you’re selling. Your customers will visit your About Page to make sure you’re a real person.

And if you’re a small business looking to keep an intimate image, your customers want to make sure you’re not a corporation posing as an individual.

For Service-based businesses, on the other hand, go long. Even as long as 1,000 words.


Because when you run a Service-based Business you’re actually selling yourself. You are the brand, so you want to provide a lot of information that demonstrates you know what you’re talking about.

You probably have a portfolio or testimonials, so go ahead and include everything that shows you’re offering is legit and worth the money.

So what was the questionnaire for?

Excellent question! You know, you’re pretty good at this while segue thing…

What to Write

If you start writing your About Page without that questionnaire, you might find yourself stuck. You know your product or service is the bee’s knees, but how do you put that down in an organized way?

You might find that your initial instinct is to talk about your kid and how a lost job drove you to start your business.

But, in fact, the most important thing to your customer when they come to your About Page is to make sure they like you (read: identify with you), and see what else you’ve got to offer (read: how good you really are).

In most cases, the most interesting aspect of your business is how it (you) have overcome failure. How did you overcome the impossible? Or did you?

Believe it or not, people also want to hear about your failures because that makes you human. And people identify with a human.

Oh, and one last tip before we shut this post down.

Your About Page is not actually about you

Wait, what!

I know, I just spent exactly 871 words telling you how to write about you, but here’s the thing.

While telling people about you, it’s important to also tell your customer how that helps them.

  • What did your failures teach you that you’re going to help your customers avoid?
  • How did you achieve success, and how can they do the same?
  • Do you suffer from the same problems, issues, concerns, the heartache that your customers suffer from? Tell them that.

That is how you truly identify yourself with your customers.

And one final thought

It has probably become clear to you that an About Page can be done many ways.

  • Spanning various lengths
  • Covering various topics
  • Detailing various issues, concerns, and objections

So how do you know you’ve written a great About Page?

Answer the one question a customer is always asking themselves (if unconsciously):

What’s in it for me?

And always provide the answer.

Check out the DNC Written Marketing Course where we teach you everything you need to know to write your About Page, Product Descriptions, and more.

What’s on your About Page? I’d love to hear about your major successes, failures, trial and error, epiphany moments that led to your business. Drop a comment below and let’s start a conversation.

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