What is a Sales Funnel? Create an automatic money maker for your business

Ever heard of a sales funnel?

Sure you have. You’re an entrepreneur. It’s the thing to do now. Have a sales funnel.


Ah, okay, so what is a sales funnel then? Some of you may have heard it called an email funnel. Well, that’s a type of sales funnel, but the most effective one utilized both email and something else. Something you’re probably already using to bring traffic to your site.

Do you know what that is?


Come on now. Don’t be shy. It’s your blog.

Ah, yeah. I can see you face-palming now. So here’s how you use both your blog and your email list to create a sales funnel that runs on autopilot and delivers over and over again into your bank account.

The basic breakdown goes like this:

You write a blog post focused on addressing a major problem your target market needs solved. Let’s say they think they’re terrible at writing the content for their website. So you write a blog post about how to write content on a website. But you don’t write just any blog post.
You write a long post addressing everything you know about writing content for a website. You go into copywriting basics. You talk about individual pages, their purpose and keywords you should use. You’re a rock star. And you hit this post out of the park. Now what?
Well, now your reader is looking for something actionable. So, the next step is to create a freebie. A simple checklist, blue print, swipe file, whatever that gives your reader specific, actionable information they can put into effect immediately for their website. But you don’t just hand them this freebie. No, don’t you dare.

You ask them to CLICK HERE and subscribe for that freebie. When they do that, not only are they getting that wicked awesome free resource to help their business, now they’re on your list and they’ll get all your wicked awesome resources for business (or whichever industry you serve). Great! They’re on your list. They love the freebie. Now what?

Now you provide them with an easy offer. The easy offer is an affordable expansion on the freebie and relating to the blog post. Still with me? Let’s say, for example, your blog post (about writing website content) also had a sign up for a step-by-step blueprint walking your reader through creating website content for their site. It’s in the form of an outline, so it’s a short doc that’s not overwhelming, but still actionable and incredibly helpful.

Your easy offer will be a video tutorial that explains everything you’ve talked about so far, but in much further depth. You explain (on the freebie subscription thank you page) that this is not for everyone. Only people who are serious about their business should buy this. And guess what? People buy. Why?

Because you’ve priced it to make it an easy decision. Somewhere between $19-$49. See? It’s called the easy offer because it’s an easy decision once they’ve seen the value they got for free. $49 for a mini course on writing website copy! That’s crazy valuable. So that’s it, right? Nope. There’s still one more step to go.

The ultimate offer. It’s called the ultimate offer because ultimately that’s where you want all of your readers to end up – at the end of the funnel – your ultimate offer. This could be a full course that expands further on the topic. It could be a mastermind membership program. It could be one-on-one services with you. But it will be your premium offer, so it will have a premium price tag. What does that mean exactly? Your ultimate offer, the premium priced offer, should be at least 5X what your easy offer was.


Ahh, we’re back to that. Don’t be afraid of this. So many people cut their profits by not charging enough for their products and services. But let me put your mind at ease. Remember all that time you’ve spend learning about your business and what your customers want? Remember those pain points you discovered and created this whole sales funnel around?
Yeah! That’s why you’re charging a premium price. You’ve done the work. You know what your people need. But if you can’t charge enough for it, you won’t be able to grow your business. If that happens you’re not doing yourself or your customers any good.

So let’s break that down one more time:

1. Blog post
2. Freebie
3. Easy Offer
4. Ultimate Offer


Now get to work because once you’ve put this in place the money rolls in. You’re a professional. It’s time to start showing your stuff.

Looking for some hands-on help getting your sales funnel started? Get in touch at darian@dncmarketingservices.com and I’ll gladly walk you through the process that’s specific to your industry. Happy creating!

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