How to Sell to Your Facebook Group – the right way.

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Creating a Facebook Group that tells you what your customers want.

It’s true though. How?

Because you’ll be using that group for figure out what your customers really want and then selling in your group and makin’ that money….without scaring people away.

I mean, think about all you can learn from your group members!

The numbers you can reach!

The sales you can make!

It’s enough to bring a smile to any biz owner’s face, am I right?

Well, until you realize you have no idea how to do that without coming off like a “slimy” marketer whose every move is pushy, salesy and out for number one.
No one wants that. I don’t want that, and I know you don’t.

So what can you do to use your group to intentionally grow your business, in a way that doesn’t sacrifice that community feel they all showed up for?

In this first lesson, I’ll walk you through how to drive traffic to your Facebook Group that doesn’t feel slimy. There are several strategic places to advertise your group that get the most click-throughs.

And guess what? They’re FREE!

Here we go!

1. Add a “FREE FB Group” button to your website navigation bar.

Why do this? Because it’s free space that you know every single customer who visits your site will see. It’s a great space to get eyes on and present some intrigue to get those clicks and requests to join.

2. Add a button to your subscription Thank You Page.

So you’ve got a mailing list and people are signing up left and right. That’s great!

Now, let’s take it one step further and get them to join your Facebook Group.

Once someone has subscribed to your email list and they are presented a Thank You Page (hopefully with some sort of incentive they just earned), make sure you tell them all about this amazing community where like-minded people get together and talk about these pain points you all have in common.

3. Use your personal Facebook profile header as FREE advertisement to your group.

This is a great way to also let friends and family know what an amazing success you are. Annnnnd, it gives those awesome friends and family the chance to spread the word about all the great work you’re doing.

4. Put the link to your Facebook Group on all social media profiles.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on – and you should have a link on each and every one of these pages.

Let’s face it. Facebook Pages are dead. Facebook admits that it sends less than 2% of traffic to a Facebook Page organically. That means that you have to pay to play.

Facebook Groups, on the other hand, are still doing really well with organic (that means FREE) traffic.

Why not take advantage of those stats before the next algorithm change and forgo sending people to your Page and instead send them to your much more productive (and engaged) group.

5. Last, get the word out there about your group. And your business!

That means you should be guest posting, guest podcasting, guest vlogging, guest anything-ing and telling people about your business. But! And it’s a big But. Don’t send people to your Facebook Page or mailing list.

Start by sending them to your Facebook Group. There they can meet your loyal followers and hear all the amazing things your business has done for them.

This will warm them up to you and when you do push your next launch (in your Facebook Group, of course) they’ll be ready and excited to buy.
So there you have it!

Five ways to get the word out about your Facebook Group which you’re just now realizing is an incredible asset to your business.

So – action time. Get out there and create that FB Group (if you haven’t already), then drive traffic, engage your community, and sell some stuff!

Tune in to the next blog post where I go over the best ways to sell inside your group without alienating your loyal followers.

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