SHOCKING SUBJECT LINE (the best way to start your second email): Credibility

In this post, the second installment all about the Sales Letter Email Series created specifically to warm up your customers and build brand loyalty, we learn all about how you tell your subscribers why you’re the one they should put their trust in.

Whether you’re selling them a product, course, membership, service, or just building an email list for a future offer; it’s all about building that relationship.

That relationship starts with trust.

Download the entire 6-email series checklist here and get started on yours.

But, first, you need them to open the email (that’s where the shocking subject line comes in)

My preferred way to start this email is to think of a time you failed or almost failed in your business, or money-making venture.

Take the scariest part of that and use it as the subject line. Here’s mine:

“I lost $15,000 on my first business…”

Now, there are two different directions I can go with that.

“… and earned it all back with my second”


“…and here’s how to not do that!”

I’m teaching essentially the same principals with both, but for argument’s sake I just want to show you the benefits of split testing. Comment below which option would get you to open up the email and let’s see if the one I picked to use was right.


After getting your subscribers to open the email with your shocking subject line, the next step is getting them to read the email.

We do this with story.

Every email you send out to your subscribers, every blog post, every product descriptions, (I could really keep going) should begin with a story.

Psychology shows that human beings remember things better when they’re put into the context of a story. That’s why mnemonics help us remember acronyms and formulas.

So this email begins with the story you teased with the subject line.

Download the 6-email series checklist and see what comes next…

Here’s how mine would go…

In the credibility email, you’ll get the chance to read if you subscribe to my list, you learn about the mistakes I made that cost me $15,000 with my first business.

This helps people identify because we’ve all made mistakes and, if you’re an entrepreneur, you will continue to make mistakes.

Lucky (or rather because I worked my a$$ off) I was able to use my second business to make that money back, so there’s hope.

The hope I give to my subscribers with this simple story helps them feel confident in my ability to help them. It helps them trust me not just because I made a monumental mistake that could really wreck people’s lives, but because I was able to come back from it.

So maybe they can come back from it too. Maybe if they learn from me, they can avoid that kind of mistake altogether.

You see where I’m going with this?

By sharing your own experiences you’re demonstrating that you’re qualified to help others.

Once you’ve told a short story demonstrating your credibility, now your reader is ready to know more about you. Instead of being told what to do, you’ve allowed them to make their mind up based on this short story.

Then, you can share a few bragging points about yourself and your business.

You can do this by pointing them to your press page where you’ve saved awards, publication features, affiliations, etc.

If you had started the email with this, or simply posted a “check out how great I am” post on social media, no one would want to read it.

But, since you’ve shared with them, they’re interested to know more. They now identify with you and feel level of trust moving forward. Which we’re going to solidify with the next email – Testimonials, or really what it should be called – Gratitude for Testimonials because in it you’ll be able to publicly thank those who’ve helped you grow your business.

This next email will require a little more preparation. If you’ve been collecting testimonials from your customers and clients then this will be easy.

If you haven’t, or haven’t started selling yet, you need to start or get creative.

We’ll go over everything next week. In the meantime, go ahead and download the checklist.

In it, you’ll get a preview of what we’ll be going over in the next few weeks and how it can apply to your business.

Download the Sales Letter 6-email Series HERE, and start building brand trust today!

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