You Suck At Writing…

Has anyone said that to you?

I mean, have they come right out and told you that you absolutely should not write because every stroke of the keyboard from your fingers results in an angel losing its wings?

I’m guessing not.

So, why then do you beat yourself up so much about the words you use to write about your website?

Here are some common responses I get to that question. Tell me if they sound familiar?

I’ve never been good at writing.

I don’t have anything to say.

It just doesn’t sound as good as other people.

I don’t know how to start, or what I’m supposed to say.

Sound familiar?

Get the help you need writing and feel confident selling with words.

Well, if it does, or if something similar pops into your brain as you sit down to stare at a blank screen.

Or if you promptly find something else to do that just cannot wait and never actually get to the writing…

I’ve got news for you.

You’re giving into an unfounded fear.

Writing is just like anything else. It requires practice. And, what’s scarier, it requires you to continually put your words out there in order to improve.

You won’t find some of my earliest blog posts on my website because as I improved, I went back and deleted the old posts. They were bad. I’m talking horrifyingly bad.

I had no format, no structure, no vocabulary, nothing to say.

It was a brain vomit.

But over time, I improved. I figured out, by reading other people’s posts and trying new things with mine, that I could write a pretty darn good blog post.

I could create an emotional response by saying something charging (check out that title).

I could pull my reader in by pushing their buttons or telling them a personal story.

I could provide real value by inserting step-by-step instructions, a video, or a checklist (get the skills and motivation to write here).

And I could do this consistently by creating a schedule and content calendar, and sticking to it.

Over time, not only did it become easier, it became fun. My audience began to tell me how helpful my content was and what they wanted more of. I became a go-to for certain topics.

But one thing never changed.

I still look at a blank screen once a week and think:

What the heck am I supposed to write about?

What if no one reads it?

What if everyone reads it and it sucks?

And now there’s an added fear:

What if I lose all credibility with this one post?

So what do I do?

I start writing.

Sure the first paragraph may resemble that old brain vomit, but soon experience begins to kick in and a certain magic appears.

I purge that fear in the first paragraph and then ideas begin to arrive. I realize the topic and the points I want to hit.

So I outline them.

Then, I go back and fill them in with anecdotes, step-by-step instructions, and guidance for my audience.

After that, I reread it and edit out the vomit.

You see, fear of writing doesn’t go away for everyone, but it can become smaller. It can become manageable.

If you don’t give into the fear, you can beat it. Every day. On every blank page.

I know you can do it because I do it. And not just with blog posts.

  • I write web copy, social media posts, email sales funnels, press releases, guest posts.
  • I appear on podcasts, FB Lives, and in other people’s FB groups teaching copy techniques.
  • I stand in front of crowds of people and teach. I answer confused questions about what I do for a living.

I face this fear on a daily basis and I succeed because I don’t give into it.

My favorite mantra is:

Fake it ‘till you make it.

Get the help you need writing and feel confident selling with words.

And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve faked the confidence I knew I needed to get things done. I’ve faked the enthusiasm I may not feel after a long day to put on lessons and lives.

I’ve faked the surety that I’ll succeed even when I’m not so sure.

And I got there. Now, I don’t have to fake the surety. I know I’ll succeed because I have a track record to prove it.

And here’s the best part. No one knows except you.

So, to celebrate your newly found confidence (if you didn’t find it, go back and reread this post).

Print this out, hang it somewhere you’ll see every time you sit at your computer, and get to work.

• Attract the right customers to your products and services.
• Grow your email list with consistent content.
• Grow brand loyalty with penetrating emails.
• Gain notoriety with striking social media posts.
• And finally start feeling like the success story you are.

You are an entrepreneur. You are the master of your destiny. You will succeed.

2 thoughts on “You Suck At Writing…

  1. Dear Darien,
    I haven’t used what I bought from you yet, but I will be using your services after I get my Etsy store in shape.
    I am pressed for time, as we all are, constantly. But I really am pressed for time as I am going to be 78 in October, so I am dancing double time.
    I just had our fellow bestie, El Kaplun, take better pictures of my jewelry and have a lot of work to add them to my shop.
    From my point of view, I have never seen, on the many emails I constantly get from Etsy, any jewelry like my own. I only see very dainty pieces whereas my are more substantial pieces.
    I am aiming for a different demographic of women like executive women. I don’t even know if executive women (or women like them) even use Etsy.

    1. Hi Rita,
      This is where target market research is really important. You may have to venture beyond Etsy to get the answers you’re looking for. Corporate women come in all varieties. It’s very likely there is a circle of them who shop on Etsy. What I recommend you do is jump into Facebook groups that your ideal customers hang out in and start talking to them. There may be other places you can sell your jewelry that they gravitate toward. The corporate audience, in general, is on LinkedIn, so I’d look at women who fit your target market and look at their pages. Many of them will post affiliations and interest in businesses or groups they are members of. Follow the rabbit hole until you come up with a few options and begin hanging out in those same places and talking to your customers.

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